Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

I can't believe it's Monday! I remember leaving work on Wednesday and being so excited for a 4 day weekend and feeling like I would have a ton of time off.... how is it that these days just fly? I left work on Wednesday at about 3:45, came home and grabbed Sean and the babies (Hunter didnt want to hang with us) and we rushed to Sam's Club to pick up our peanut oil for the turkey. So- as everyone was out at the bars for the biggest night out of the year, we were at Sam's Club and then home.

Thanksgiving morning, we woke up to pouring rain. Why did we not think to check the weather report? So- we quickly logged on to and saw that it was supposed to rain all day. I can't deep fry a turkey in the rain so I sent Sean to the store to buy chicken broth so I could cook the turkey in the oven. Thank goodness it's really easy to make and it wasn't my first rodeo! So- I prepared the turkey breast and it went from this
to this

It was very low-key this year. We only had my parents over, so didn't totally overdo it with food. My mom made stuffing and candied sweet potatoes and I did the turkey, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole. My plate looked like this- yum!

Looking at my plate- how proud am I for portion control? As we were enjoying our food, we realized we forgot the dinner rolls in the freezer. Oh well.  Think Quinlin enjoyed her meal?

Owen was happy too. Notice both Quinlin and Owen enjoyed Thanksgiving festivities in their jammies. I didnt even put make up on- pure relaxation!

For dessert, Hunter made his strawberry cream pie. He was so excited to be able to contribute and made two of them- one for us and one to take to his dad's Thanksgiving feast with that side of the family.

Hunter got picked up at 4pm and spent the weekend with his dad's side. He texted us that night while eating his dinner with them that they had dinner rolls. Thanks Hunter! Sean's sister stopped over on her way home from their parents house and we hung out for a little bit. And that was it!

Friday was a day of cleaning and organizing around the house. I was not about to brave the crowds shopping. No urge at all- though I'm hoping to do a little something for cyber Monday. We had our bar top measured for the granite that morning and really did nothing the rest of the day. Saturday was another day of nothingness- though I did put some items on Craigslist so am hoping to get some bites- and then I got a text from my friend Kelli looking to see if I wanted to do something that night. Of course I did. We ended up planning a low key night with our friends Megan and Melanie and went to Champps (horrible service and my fantastic burger that I raved about here was pretty disappointing) and then to see Love and Other Drugs. 
It was really good!!! Full of nakedness that I wasn't prepared for (I almost felt like I was watching Skinamax) but it was a great story and Jake Gyllenhall was pretty edible. I never was a huge Jake Gyllenhall fan but I'll tell you what, I am now a fan... He actually is coming out with a movie (early next year called the Source Code that looks really good)

I got home about 12:45am and Quinlin was quick to wake up Sunday morning fussing about 5:45am. This is why I dont stay out late anymore. She put herself back to sleep and we got up about 7:45. I got an email from my boss so had to run into work briefly Sunday morning while Sean cleaned the house for the babysitter (isnt it sad when you need to clean for the sitter?). It actually was one of Owen and Quinlin's teachers from daycare and her first time over so we did want the house to look nice. She came over and off we went to the Browns game. We were in a suite but the weather was sunny and not as cold as I thought it would be- but still glad to be inside. We won the game 24-23 but barely. We got home about 5pm and Hunter came home shortly after. It was nice to have him back- nice to have all of my children together again. 

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  1. Hi Shannon, I can completely relate, I can't believe that it's Monday already. You feel like you have your whole week ahead of you to get caught up with things and before you know it, Monday is here!
    I am impressed girl that you hosted Thanksgiving dinner, good for you! Glad to hear you had a relaxing few days off.