Friday, February 22, 2013

Tiny Dancer

Quinlin started dance class in January. I had to wait until she turned 3, so we got her into the class mid-season. When she started, she was very hesitant, shy, unsure of herself. About a month and a half into it, she loves it. It's Saturday mornings, and it's hard to get out the door sometimes, but once we're there, she's good.

I found the secret to our success is getting there 10 minutes before class starts. This gives her time to go in, find the square she wants to start on right away, and time to warm up a bit (when we first started, she took the first 10 minutes just sitting there watching, now she actually participates).

Sean went with me to the first class. The kids go in the dance room alone and the parents sit outside and watch through a window. Sean found some of the other women to be too chatty and catty so doesn't like to go and watch. Me? I love it. I don't know if it's because she's my little girl, or because she's my last, but I like to go and watch and take everything in. I either sit in the back with the other mom's or sometimes stand on the other side of the room and watch through another window (I can actually hear better when I do it that way). I don't want to miss a thing.

She really has gotten the hang of it and even does some of her moves at home when we're playing. They have the cutest sayings that make the kids remember and cute little songs that make them interested (so I don't forget, the legs in the air is popcorn, shaking the head is- I like dance class- shake your head yes- I don't like stinky shoes- shake your head no, point together clap, step and point- too cold, step and point- too hot, Good morning, good morning, good morning all over the world!)

The big recital is in May and the whole dance school is doing dances to a theme of books. Quinlin's class is an ode to the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. All I know is I just spent $45 on a yellow feather costume for her to be a chicken (and they jump out of a soup bowl in the beginning).

Here's hoping by the time that recital rolls around that she'll be a happy little chicken. I have visions of the class dancing and her being a chicken in a little ball on the side of the stage not doing anything.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Ice fishing season has officially concluded for us this year. Sean was very busy in January/February (hence my absence and unmotivation for blogging, maybe?)

This is his absolute favorite time of year. Though sitting in a shanty on ice with a hole doesn't sound all that fun to me, it is absolutely the best time for him. He participated in 3 tournaments this year (all out of state) and I am proud to announce that I am married to a winner!

The first tournament, he and his partner, Andy, came in 4th place (and also won biggest fish). The second tournament, he took first!!! and the final tournament, he came in 9th (with his old partner Dan as Andy couldn't make it due to a work commitment).

I am so proud of him on how well he did. But, don't get me wrong, it was hard on the family having him gone. For two of the tournaments, he left at 4am on Wednesday and didn't get home until about 9:30pm on Sunday. Made for two little ones missing their daddy, one wife missing her better half, and one 16 year old needing to help more around the house. By the time he came home (and came home safely) we were all ready.

In addition to winning some prize money, he won the cost for his entries into next years tournaments and also qualified for the National Championships in December. I believe they take place in Minnesota. Not sure if he'll be able to go or not, we'll see.

Anyway- some highlights from the events:

I love this image. They knew they had it won!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Quinlin- 3 year well visit

Quinlin had her 3 year well visit last night. Can I first add how much I love our pediatrician??? Like really love her. She is so kind, sweet, good with the kids, personable, etc. She walked into the room and mentioned that she loved our Christmas card we sent her, asked how Sean's ice fishing was going, talked to Owen and asked if she could still fix anything (and gave the example of the basketball hoop). I love how much she knows our family- that we don't feel like just a number in the wide clinic system.

First the important stats:
Height-3 feet, 2 inches or 38 inches (65%)
Weight 35 lbs (84%)

She is on a nice curve of slimming down a bit which was nice to see. I can definitely tell she's getting taller and thinning out. She's only 2 or 3 pounds lighter than Owen- haha. Owen at her age was 32 1/2 lbs and 37 1/2 inches. So she's a tad taller and weighs more than he did.

She did so well at the appointment. She got her blood pressure checked for the first time:
Her doctor checked her out and thought everything about her was fantastic (of course). And then we all chuckled when she asked if I had any concerns and I didn't because the 3rd child is always the breeze. You finally feel like you know what you are doing!
She looked like such a big girl in her little gown. She was so funny during the appointment too- kept telling Owen it wasn't his appointment and that he needed to not be on the exam table. After the doctor was finished, we went down the hall for her vision screening. She had to stand on a line and look across to a chart, cover one eye and tell the nurse what she saw. I was a little nervous that maybe she wouldn't be able to answer, but then I remembered what a smart girl she was. She knew everything- every star, moon, circle (though she said the letter O for circle), flag, mug, etc. And then I thought, why did I doubt her? She's a superstar.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Hunter's birthday

I fell a bit behind and have so much to post about, but don't want to post about anything else until I dedicate a post to Hunter for his birthday.

Sweet 16!!! Can you believe it? His birthday was toward the end of January and we celebrated, very mellow this year. Sucks to be grounded on your birthday. But- and I agree with Sean- it's just another day and maybe it will help in learning the lessons of life.

His birthday was on a Sunday and his grandfather on his dad's side picked him up on Saturday for a small little family party with that side of the family. Before he left, my parents came over and we celebrated as well.
We had a little cake and sang to him and then he was on his way. He returned the next day and I had to take Owen and Quinlin to a birthday party and he didn't want to go. So- I, sadly, feel like we didn't really do anything special for his big birthday. I did get him his favorite dinner and we did eat our cake. But- that was it.

He is slowly getting off the grounding. I gave him his cell phone back; it was too difficult being able to get a hold of him (we eliminated a home phone a few weeks ago) and with Sean traveling for tournaments, I needed to be able to be in touch.

In the meantime, for the officialness on the blog, happy 16th birthday to my amazing, kind, caring, sweet, funny, smart son Hunter. I am blessed beyond belief and we wouldn't be on our path of life without him. 16! We love you!