Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

We had such a nice weekend (well, for the most part). Thursday night Quinlin came home from school with a temperature of 102. So- my nice day off that was planned for Friday turned into a cuddle day with my little chiquita. I don't mind though... I love that she's a cuddler. So, she and I hung out on Friday and then I left her with daddy and took Owen with me to a baby shower. So nice to see my friends, always hard with a kid in tow, who decided it was time to leave shortly after dessert because he wanted to rush home to watch the Simpsons.

Saturday my parents came over in the afternoon, and we took a trip to Sam's Club. That night, we got a sitter and did group night out.

We saw The Hangover Part II and went to the Winking Lizard for dinner. The movie was good, the same as the original so some very funny moments, just not as shocking. At dinner, I all of a sudden felt sick as a dog so we rushed home and I was sick for the night. :(

Sunday we took out the water table (Quinlin loved it and even attempted to climb in) and then went to the Rib Burn Off in Berea. It was so expensive- probably my first, and last rib fest. We met Sean's co-worker up there with his girlfriend and daughter (who was Owen's age) and then they came back to our house afterwards so the kids could play. Hunter then had his two buddies sleep over.

Monday we went to my in-laws for the day. The kids had a blast- fishing, canoeing, water fights, 4 wheeling... All was fine, though we knew Owen was a little off... He got hit with a horrible fever and then on the ride home started vomiting. We were in two different cars- I drove Hunter and his two friends and Quinlin, and Sean drove Owen and all the fishing gear so when he pulled over on the side of the freeway, I knew it was because Owen was puking.

We got him home and he threw up from 7pm-10:45pm and then again at 3:45am. Needless to say, we are just exhausted. Sean took the day off with him and I think he's doing better.

Never fails, even in nice weather my kids get sick. Hopefully he can kick it and we can all get healthy and back to some normalcy.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Holy Hail

we get pounded again with storms last night. The hail was unbelievable. We lost power for a bit too, but the worst was hearing it pound on my house. Sean and I are going to check for damage after work today. It seriously sounded like a window broke.

In other news, Owen had a follow up with his ENT this morning. I took the little cutie to Panera for breakfast afterwards before dropping him off to school. It was so nice spending one on one time with him. And- he surprised me and behaved like such a good boy in the restaurant (we never take our kids to restaurants because they are crazy!)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Not to Be Left Out...

Hunter had his 14 year physical yesterday. I still can't believe he's 14 (well technically 14 years and 4 months). Anyway, he did well. His stats:

5 feet, 1 inch
96.6 pounds
BMI- 20%

He's getting there. He was so excited over his height (he grew 3 inches in a year) but when he saw what he was pacing, he was disappointed. According to the doctor and the charts, he should only grow to be about 5'6... we're hoping for 5'8 or 5'9, but his dad isn't very tall...so we'll see. We also had to get him rechecked for scoliosis and I also had to make him an appointment with a dermatologist to check on some moles. I've already warned him about derm appointments, hopefully he doesn't freak out when they tell him to get undressed. ha!

After dinner, we picked up Boston Market and just hung out at home. I stalked some of my ebay listings and am busy packing them all up for shipping. Is it only Wednesday, by the way? Yikes!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tell All Tuesday

  • I went to the dentist yesterday and finally, after an almost year long process, have a new tooth from my failed root canal last spring. It's so nice to no longer have a gap (not that you could see it) but to feel complete again. And, as much as I dread the dentist, that was an easy appointment. Everything with the oral surgeon was much worse!
  • we had horrible weather last night. Storms and tornado warnings rolled in. The news released several images of funnel clouds in the city right next to mine. It was a little alarming- especially when you have the mentality of "nothing ever happens in my city". We huddled in the basement, well past Quinlin's bedtime until the storms could pass.

  • Hunter goes for his 14 year well visit. Is it cheasy to post his stats? haha. I find my poor oldest gets the least blog attention because he doesn't grow and change as fast as the babies, but it will be fun to see how big he is. I'm guessing about 5'2. He's growing like a weed, looking older, sounding older. My neighbor said to him "Hunter- your voice is so low" and he responded "why thank you" in an even lower voice.
  • Quinlin has been looking just darling lately in her new summer outfits. I absolutely love dressing her. My little princess baby doll. She wont pose or smile for pictures, but it's better than nothing.

  •  I would post pics of Owen in his new clothes, but all he wants to wear are no pants, or if he wears pants, he's in a phase where they need to be athletic shorts. He will stubbornly wear his nice cargo shorts, but instantly wants to change into his "basketball" shorts. So funny.
  • Is it pathetic that I'm excited for Boston Market tonight? A night off of cooking- woo hoo! Not that I should complain. My poor kids had mac n cheese last night for dinner since we were running behind because of my dental appointment. Maybe tomorrow I'll actually cook them a nice meal (that they will proceed to turn their noses up or throw on the floor).
  • Saw two movies last week. Something Borrowed and Bridesmaids. Both were good, but people had overhyped Bridesmaids to me so I was expecting more. Dont get me wrong, I did enjoy...
  • This weekend we are seeing Hangover Part II. Here's hoping the lawsuit from the tattoo artist does not delay the release!

Monday, May 23, 2011


I apologize for my absence. I didn't realize it had been so long since I did a post! Sean and I took our first vacation together (in almost four years) and had it planned for mid May thinking the weather would be nice and we could really get to hang out together doing fun things. Little did I know, the weather would suck. Like really suck. It was cold and rainy almost all week.

Half the reason we wanted to take time off together was to clean and organize and purge. And we purged. We brought a bunch of items to Goodwill, gave a basket of things to my niece and nephew, gave Quinlin's old clothes to our friend's little girl, put the "name brand clothes" in piles and started listing those on ebay, etc. You can see how exciting my week was. But- the good thing is, we cleaned and organized and then started with a cleaning lady. We'll have her come twice a month- and honestly, I think this money will be so well spent. To not have to worry about cleaning on a weekend and to enjoy time with my children is priceless.

We did go shopping a few times and I did buy a cute pair of sunglasses at Saks, but other than that we went out to lunches and enjoyed being together. Not a bad staycation...just gives us more reason to take time off together again in July or so. I'll be sure to check the weather forecast prior.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Finally a little warm weather

Finally the weather is getting enjoyable. It feels like we kind of skipped over spring, but I'll take it. I picked the kids up from school yesterday and rushed home so they could eat and get outside right away. They had a blast!  (I should note also that Quinlin turned 16 months old yesterday!)

Quinlin played with her wagon

Hunter took her for a walk

Owen helped mow the lawn

Quinlin thought she should help too

She went on another walk

Owen played with the sidewalk chalk

and got it all over his hands

Quinlin thought that looked fun

so they played together

but they saw how much fun the boys were having playing basketball so wanted to get in on the game too...

We came inside and Owen showered... and then begged for ponytails
 It's supposed to be 80 today so Quinlin broke out her first sundress of the season.
 And Owen felt the need to wear my sunglasses on the way to school.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tell All Tuesday (a day late)

A day late but my random thoughts...
  • Track season is over. Hunter ran the 400 in 77 seconds so didn't beat the other guy on his team to secure a spot at the conference championships. That's ok though- I was so proud of him for giving it his all.
  • He had a choir concert last night but didn't want us to go. So- he went with his buddy Michael and then went to Michael's brothers baseball game afterwards. He got home about 9:30pm. So crazy to see him so independent and off doing his own thing.
  • A house in my neighborhood was robbed last night. Kind of scary, but the police think it's an inside job. It was an Indian couple who recently had Indian jewelry out of a safety deposit box, etc. The robbers came in through the windows in the basement, stole the goods, and then tried to flood the house. I couldn't even imagine. We triple locked everything last night but it still made me nervous...
  • I came into work this morning and smelled something funny. Turns out there was a small fire in an electrical panel... yikes!
  • Speaking of work, I'm sending 5 guys oversees at the end of the week and they sent me flowers as a thank you for all my work. All I did was book their flights and hotel. So sweet of them to think of me.
  • The weather is finally warming up. I love it! Cant wait to go home today and play outside with the kids.
  • I'm totally addicted to words with friends... I'm such a nerd. :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

We had an amazing weekend- probably one of the better weekends in a long time. It was a great, family filled weekend and memories that will last a long time.

Friday night, we got a sitter for the babies and Sean and I took Hunter to see Thor.
I had absolutely no urge to see it, but I have some girls movie nights coming soon and was guilted into it. And- I'm so glad I did. Chris Hemsworth is pretty easy on the eyes, and it turned into a love story as well, so definitely wasn't just an unrealistic comic book type movie. The movie theater was filled with dudes- I think I was one of three women in there- haha. If you do go to see it, make sure you stay all the way to the very end, as like all other marvel movies, a little trailer for the future movies after the credits finish.

Saturday morning we woke up and supported the UMDF by attending the wildlife walk for the cure at our local zoo. It was such a beautiful day and I was looking forward to the babies seeing the animals, but walking for an organization and seeing families affected by the disease was truly eye opening. Makes me feel thankful and blessed for my healthy children.

It was a good day to attend the zoo as they had the grand opening for the new elephant exhibit.

We came home from the zoo and worked on our mothers day cards for the grandma's...

Owen's first stick figure

Then went to my Sister in Law's house for bbq for Sean's side of the family for mothers day.

We tried to get a cousins shot...but Quinlin was having a diva freak out.

Mother's Day was Sunday. I had to post what the babies made at school for me:

Owen decided to dress himself for mother's day...

That look, unfortunately, will have to wait. Since we were going out in public... I thought better to put him in something a little more weather appropriate.

We went to my parents house for a family bbq. It had probably been a year or so since I had seen everyone (cousins, aunt and uncle), so nice to get together.

We tried to do a cousins picture for this side of the family too...but it didn't quite work.

And Owen does wear clothes- he just hates them.