Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Not to Be Left Out...

Hunter had his 14 year physical yesterday. I still can't believe he's 14 (well technically 14 years and 4 months). Anyway, he did well. His stats:

5 feet, 1 inch
96.6 pounds
BMI- 20%

He's getting there. He was so excited over his height (he grew 3 inches in a year) but when he saw what he was pacing, he was disappointed. According to the doctor and the charts, he should only grow to be about 5'6... we're hoping for 5'8 or 5'9, but his dad isn't very we'll see. We also had to get him rechecked for scoliosis and I also had to make him an appointment with a dermatologist to check on some moles. I've already warned him about derm appointments, hopefully he doesn't freak out when they tell him to get undressed. ha!

After dinner, we picked up Boston Market and just hung out at home. I stalked some of my ebay listings and am busy packing them all up for shipping. Is it only Wednesday, by the way? Yikes!

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