Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The House

The house we went to look at went down in price...again... at this rate, it will be right in our target of what we wanted to spend. Oh, decisions, decisions! We decided we will go back to see it again but not until next week. If it sells before then, it's our loss. We know we certainly dont have to move, so we're not "jumping" on this as much as I thought we would. But- there's so much to do to get our house ready if we were to sell it. Last night, we had the kids outside and Owen played with the neighbor kids. We thought- we have such good neighbors, do we really want to move away from that? So... i guess it's a holding pattern until next week.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Next Michael Symon?

This weekend was pretty lame. I feel like we didn't accomplish anything. Friday night, we just stayed in and played with the babies. Saturday we went to Marc's. Why is it that when you look like crap, you run into people you know? I seriously rolled out of bed and to the store and ran into one of the ladies from the daycare and another lady who I used to work with who recently retired. So good to see her and catch up, and have her meet the little ones, but I kept thinking, why did I not put makeup on? Oh well. Saturday night I went out with Kelli and Melanie to Panini's. Had a nice time- nice to get out once in a while with the girls. I need to plan more of these! And- I didnt get sick. Yay! Sunday was a beautiful day. Sean was supposed to go fishing all day but I convinced him to stay home. My parents came over and we went to lunch at Beef O'Brady's and then by the time we came home, it was naptime for the babies. So- I caught up on the DVR. Sean than took Hunter golfing with a buddy that night. So- low key I guess.

Hunter spent most of the weekend with his grandfather on his dad's side. I think he enjoyed himself. I missed having him around though. The babies were a joy though. Quinlin is really trying to form so many different sounds lately. it's funny to listen to them "talk" to each other. Owen was a sweet boy all weekend. No tantrums (until he stepped in dog poop and then was quaranteened to the house while sean cleaned up the yard and Owen's shoes). He even cooked a meal for us! Maybe if the basketball thing doesnt work out, he could open a restaurant? I want to buy him a play kitchen but may need to work the angle of it being for Quinlin...

Friday, May 21, 2010

TV Talk- Grey's Anyone?

Last night was the two hour season finale of Grey's Anatomy. Holy Shit. It was Ah-MAZ-ing! So good where I gasped after the first 8 minutes and scared Q who was drinking a bottle. So good that I spent half the episode with my jaw dropped and my hands on my face. So good where I found my heart beating out of my chest. So good where I didnt want it to end. So good where I didnt mind staying up until 11:00pm and listening to Sean bitch about how a bedroom should not have a TV in it anymore and that when I get home, it will be disconnected (I think he's all talk personally).
  • Holy shit when he shot Reed. Shocker
  • Hilarious when Bailey was working on Charles with the patient (Mandy Moore) and she asked what was leaking and getting her wet and Mandy said it was her tears. Nice to see a vulnerable side for once
  • Glad closure (maybe) has been determined in the Lexie, Sloan, Karev storyline. I did feel bad for Sloan when she was professing her love for Karev
  • Meredith and Derek- heartbreaking. Heartbreaking seeing Derek get shot and Meredith watching. heartbreaking when they unhooked the machine to fool the shooter and watching Meredith fall to the ground. Heartbreaking that she then suffered a miscarriage.
  • Glad that Derek lived (did I really expect him to die?)
  • This episode totally ranked with the Denny dying episode, the George dying episode and the bomb squad where the bomb blew up episode.

Holy shit- cant stop thinking about it. Great, great tv! Then Q was up all night for some reason, not sure why, so I think I'm running on maybe 2 hours of sleep. All the more to add fuel to the fire for Sean as to why we should have gone to bed earlier. I dont regret it though. Great tv!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Next LeBron?

One can have hopes, right?

Monday, May 17, 2010

House Dreams

We had a very good weekend. The plan was to get a ton of organizing and cleaning done so that our realtor could take a walk through our house, evaluate all the upgrades we put into it and tell us what she thought we could sell it for. So, while Sean was fishing in a tournament with Mike, I spent the entire day, with the kids, working on the house. I did 6 loads of laundry, including putting it all away, cleaned the lower level, the two babies rooms and our bedroom. Not an easy task while having them in tow. I was proud of myself and felt accomplished.

Sunday the plan was to meet our realtor at the M home first, then a home in R and then on to our house. I must admit, I was biased to the R home. It would be easier to not have to move the kids from the district. So- we got to the M home and I still had the R home in the back of my mind and am kicking myself now. The M home has everything we ever wanted. 5 bedrooms, 3 car garage, gorgeous lot, beautiful landscaping, office, playroom, etc. We talked about Owen catching frogs in the creek next to the house, drinking coffee (not that we're even coffee drinkers) on the bench looking down onto the yard, having a hot tub on the stone patio. This was our dream! The price is right too- better if we could get it a little cheaper...

We fell in love, though I was still a little more leaning toward the R home (without seeing it). So we left M and drove there. It was immaculate and gorgeous. Sean thought it didnt feel homey, didnt like the price, thought there was a lot of wasted space, etc. So- we crossed it off our list immediately.

We came back to our house and walked through each room pointing out everything we had done- tiled the kitchen floor and backsplash, granite counters, stainless steel sink, stainless appliances, finished basement with full bathroom, etc. So proud of ourselves and the upgrades. In our minds, we thought we could sell for 30K over what we purchased it for. Well she crunched numbers and told us that wasnt happening. With the market the way it is, and other home sales in the area, we have too much competition and it wouldnt appraise for that. Then she told us about realtor fees, etc. So- the money we would get from the sale of our home, we would lose in fees/taxes, etc. So- I feel like, 6 years later, I have nothing to show for my home. No equity. How can that be? do we sell for sale by owner? do we sell with a realtor and keep saving?

We came to the decision that we dont need to move. We like our house. We would only sell it if we could get the price we want and the home we want. We dont want to sell and not like what we're moving into. So- if the M home is unavailable, we'll just stay where we are.

I do have a call into my realtor friend though in Columbus, just to get an unbiased opinion. And I will continue to secretly bitch out my neighbors who had to sell because of their divorce and ruined the property value of my home.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

One day he'll kill me for this

Well...it was a cute video until I realized I probably shouldnt post since he isnt wearing clothes (it was after bathtime). So- we'll go to our next favorite thing next to dancing... playing with balls.

and- I guess I'll include another one- Nothing exciting- he just has the sweetest smile...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Deat Quinlin- 4 months old

Baby Girl! You are 4 months old! Where is the time going? You are finally starting to look more like a baby rather than an infant and are really seeming to enjoy life. I have never seen a baby so calm and happy... I think you are definitely in the running for most laid back baby! We took you to the doctor for your 4 month appointment. The big stats:

weight 12 lbs, 12 oz (40%)
height 23.5 inches (25%)
head 15.5 inches (I dont remember the percentile but I know it is small)

You're still wearing size 1 diapers and size 3 month clothing though starting to inch into the 3/6 month outfits. You still eat 5 oz every 3.5 hours and go to bed about 9pm and dont wake up to eat until 6:15am. It's so nice to have you on a schedule! Tonight, the big experiment of starting solids. Rice Cereal- here we come!

The Big Bar Mitzvah

Hunter had his big Bar Mitzvah on Saturday. He did amazing! i was so proud to see all the hard work he put in actually come together. He was poised and confident, fluent and proud. My sister worked with him for hours over the phone in the weeks leading up to the big day. I can't thank her enough for the time she put in.

He was relieved to get it over with and I think genuinely enjoyed himself and the luncheon we had afterwards. I worked on making the luncheon creative, simple and nice. I didnt want Hunter to feel like because he didnt have friends there, it wasn't a party for him. We ordered nice centerpieces and named the 6 tables using the letters of Hunter's name.Pine Ridge did an absolutely amazing job. They were so great to work with and the food, yet again, was incredible. We had leftovers galore though so used them the following day for Mothers Day so we didnt need to cook. The ceremony itself was about an hour long followed by a brief oneg before we headed over to the reception luncheon. Finished up about 3pm and we came home and crashed. My girlfriend was in town from Texas so I went to my friend Amanda's house to visit with everyone. It's always nice when we're able to get together. Debbie comes in about 1 to 2 times a year to visit relatives and its extra special when we get to see her as well. I dont really see Kelley and Amanda unless Debbie is in town. So- always nice to catch up and watch our kids play/grow up together. While I was there, Sean took Hunter to see:

Iron Man 2. I wish I would have been able to go with them because I loved the first Iron Man. My love for Robert Downey Jr goes back to the Back to School days with Rodney Dangerfield. He was adorable in that, but I digress. I'm glad Sean took Hunter- it was a nice night for them and a great way for Hunter to end his special day.

Sunday was mother's day. Once again, another holiday where I wished a happy day to me first to remind my household. I didnt need anything gift wise, I have everything I could ever wish for. But- one day, I would like to wake up to someone else saying it first. we'll see how my birthday plays out this year (as hands rub together).

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dear Owen- 21 Months

21 Months today! I looked at the calendar and couldnt figure out what else was significant about the 4th and I remembered. In just 3 short months, you will be two!

You are having a blast at 21 months. Your favorite thing to do is be outside. whether you are playing basketball, playing on your new step 2 slide, going for walks, it doesnt matter. We have to bribe you with cookies to get you in the house. You also are very much enjoying playing with Adam who lives 2 doors down. It's so great, as I said before, to watch you explore and learn.

You are rough and tough and extremely high energy. I love watching you jump on the bed and laugh and laugh. I love hearing you say mama over and over again as I pick you up from school. I love watching you shoot hoops in the living room and talk to Quinlin as she watches from her swing. I wish I knew the stories you are telling her. I have a feeling your conversation goes something like "hey Q- watch this shot. dang I missed. Let me try again."

Lets see- some stats:
  • You are in size 18-24 month pants and 24 month or 2T shirts
  • You wear a size 6 shoe and size 4 diapers
  • You are 26 pounds
  • You can answer on your own the sounds of birds, lions, dogs, cats and cows
  • you love to sleep and go down very easily. sometimes when you're tired you'll say "bye bye" and wave to tell me its time for bed. You also love to sleep on your back with your feet hanging out of the slats of the crib (or on your stomach with your butt in the air- though more often that position if you poop)
  • you are starting to understand the potty- though I dont think you have any interest in actually using it. Your favorite thing is to grab the toilet paper, wipe and put it in (though you wipe over your clothes and diaper, not quite sure what you think you're wiping)
  • you point out your body parts- eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, hair, knee, hand, feet, leg, toes, belly, butt, penis, manboobs
  • your new favorite phrase is "what is this" or "this" as in this ball, this car
  • words- onion, what is this, hippo, potty, shoe, bye, hi, all done, all gone, ball, slide, go outside, walk, car, cookie, bread, banana, apple, cheese, bed, sister, hunter, mama, dada. I'm sure there are more as you really are finally starting to talk up a storm
  • you love bathtime and have recently started to go in the shower with daddy. You have learned to scrub your own hair and rinse the soap out (though our walls are getting very clean at the same time)

It's been a great month little man. I love you more and more each day!

Weekend Recap

We had such a great weekend. Friday, Sean took a half day from work and went fishing since the weather was beautiful. I somehow remember a conversation during ice fishing season that had to do with Sean having to get on the ice because once the ice melted, he'd be done fishing for the year. he didnt anticipate fishing in the spring/summer... I think he forgot the conversation. That's ok though. I picked up the kids from school/daycare and grabbed us Burger King since I didnt feel like cooking. The grilled chicken sandwich is so perfect for Owen. So, we ate dinner and I whisked the kids outside to enjoy the sunshine. I strapped Owen and Quinlin in for a walk and dragged Hunter along with me. It's nice to have some quiet time with him. We walked through the development, past the playground and into the walking trails. I missed that stuff so its nice to be able to do it. Afterwards, Owen started playing with Adam, the little boy two doors down, so I had a nice time hanging out with Matt and Kerri watching the boys play. Sean came home and about 10 minutes later, Quinlin threw up. Not sure why. a bug maybe?

Saturday, she was fine so we made a plan for the day. Because Sean fished, he said he was all mine the rest of the weekend, so what did I have in mind? shopping! We packed up the kids and went to Old Navy, Target and the Mall. I thoroughly enjoyed my shopping trip. I splurged on an outfit to wear to the bar mitzvah at Ann Taylor. I am so excited!!! though, never would pay $158 for shoes. but i couldnt help it. Arent they gorgeous??? I just had to have them.
Plus, I bought a matching belt to go with them that
I will wear with a black dress. The dress is the one pictured only in black. The only problem though is that the weather outlook for the weekend does not look good at all. Yikes!
After our shopping trip, we came home, babies napped, Sean and Hunter got haircuts and I did laundry. We then had our sitter come over and went out to a new restaurant, La Boca. It was very good! Bad neighborhood but delicious none the less. We met out Jimmy and Tanya, Sawsan and Mike, Megan and Mitch, and Jimmy's brother Kevin and his wife Kelly. Had a great time, salsa danced a bit (they had lessons. Alcohol and lessons, bad combo)
Sunday, we ran some errands out in Mentor and grabbed Hunter after his hebrew run through. He's very ready for the bar mitzvah to be over! He really is doing great!
I went to work on Monday and then had an appointment with a new gastroenterologist. My old doctor moved to Nebraska so the clinic suggested someone new. I explained my symptoms and he's starting me out with tests to figure out what is the cause to all my stomach issues. I'm excited to see if I can get a real diagnosis... for now, had blood work done and waiting on the results. He wants to rule out dairy or wheat allergies. I dont think I have those, but I'll go along with it to determine a diagnosis and make my quality of life better. Fingers crossed!