Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Quinlin turns 4

We have been chugging along trying to survive this cold weather. I cannot remember it being this cold in Ohio in a long time. Hunter has had school cancelled the past few days due to the temperatures. It actually has worked out though- he's home sick today (vomiting) and Owen and Quinlin are sick as well (Owen- double ear infection, Quinlin- sinus infection, strep and a staph infection).

Aside from the illnesses and the cold, we have been doing well.

This little lady turned 4!

I can't believe it (I say that about all my kids, every year, every age). 

  • She is 37 lbs and I'm a slacker that I didn't catch her height at her sick visit yesterday. She goes for her well visit next week so I hope to get that then.
  • She wears size 4 pants, and size 4 and 5 tops
  • She wears size 10 shoes
  • She has quite the personality- very animated, dramatic, sweet and funny
  • She loves getting her hair done. starting to wear braids and ponies all the time.
  • She knows all her letters and numbers (still working on both upper and lower case recognition wise)
  • She is also starting sight words since we are working on them with Owen
Starting at age 3, we ask the same questions on their birthdays. Her answers from last year are here.

The annual birthday quiz:
1. What's your name? Quinlin Olivia (our last name here)
2. How old are you? 4 (proudly holding 4 fingers)
3. Where do you live? here
4. what is your favorite color? green and blue
5. what do you want to be when you grow up? a big sister (not happening, sorry honey)
6. who is your favorite person? Daddy and my new lamby
7. who's your best friend? Owen, Daddy and Ginny
8. what is your favorite tv show? Spongebob
9. what is your favorite food? Macaroni and Cheese
10. what is your favorite drink? grape juice
11. what do you like to do for fun? play with Tia
12. what do you like to play outside? ride my bike
13. what is your favorite song? What's the Weather
14. what is your favorite movie? Tangled and Frozen (we've seen Frozen 3 times now)
15. what is your favorite book? Pete the Cat

We had such a fun time celebrating this year. I need to get pictures off my phone and will post those in my next post.