Monday, February 28, 2011

weekend recap

The weekend started out ok. I had a great time Friday night getting together with my closest girlfriends. It was on the east side of town and with the huge blizzard that we had during the day (work closed down at 1pm), I didn't know if I was going to be able to make it. Luckily by 5pm, the weather was clear. I got there about 7pm and had a great time. There were 7 of us total- laughter and tears. Nice to be able to help with relationship troubles, life decisions, etc. I love my girlfriends. I got home about 12:30am and was awoken at 4am by Hunter who was throwing up. I am not good with vomit, at all, so Sean to the rescue. His illness caused us to have to cancel on  meeting Charlie. :(

Sean's parents came over Saturday afternoon to see the kids. We had takeout for dinner and a nice visit. Sunday rolled around and I didn't feel all that great so spent a good portion of the day laying around- which is hard to do with 2 babies. Hunter was feeling better so ended up going to his playoff basketball game. Sean took him and I stayed home with Quinlin who was getting a fever. I knew something was up when she sat in my arms with her white fuzzy blanket and didn't move for a half an hour.

Sean took Owen to the game and fed him treats to keep him sitting, but the treats ran out at halftime. Hunter scored a last minute basket (yay!) and that was all the game Sean was able to see as Owen wanted to go in the play area.

They came home, I made fajitas and enjoyed the Oscars. Quinlin went to bed but still had a slight fever. This morning she woke up, kind of warm, so we gave her medicine and figured we'd attempt the day at daycare. Wouldn't you know, as soon as I pulled into the daycare parking lot, Owen puked. Ugh! So- I basically did a u-turn and Sean turned around from work (I couldn't miss today) and met me at home to take care of the kids.

What a day. I'm hoping the illnesses pass quickly...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

What he's learning at school

I love picking up the babies at school and seeing all the new things they are learning. Owen can, most of the time, count to 20, tell you all his colors and FINALLY say the ABC's. I was wondering if he was learning those (I knew he was) but didn't know if he was even paying attention. Last night we were singing his favorite songs (bringing home a baby bumble bee and take me out to the ball game) and all of a sudden he finally started singing the ABC's. We did it a couple of times too where we would take turns and I would stop and he would need to continue with what letter we left off. He gets it!

And- I just had to share the cutest little art project he did while learning the color pink.

So creative. I love picking him up and seeing the new projects being sent home with him. I try to save the really cute ones- this one may need to be a keeper!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Welcome to the World, Charlie!

My nephew, Charlie, was born last night. Welcome to the World!

Charles Joseph
2/22/11  11:43pm
7 lbs, 13 oz, 21 in

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tell All Tuesday

  • Is it really Tuesday? I had a 4 day weekend so have gotten behind in my posting.
  • Since it is Tuesday, I missed my weekend recap. where should I begin? On Thursday, Quinlin got diagnosed with croup. On Saturday, we brought her back to the doctor where she then had an ear infection and on Monday, Owen stayed home from daycare with a fever. My four day enjoyable weekend was taken over by sick children.
  • Aside from illnesses, I did get a nice girls day where I went shopping with My friend Karen and her daughter Jillian. They were so nice to come over and scope out the rooms I wanted help in and off to decorate we went! We had a nice lunch at Panera and then hit up Pier 1 Imports, Target, TJ Maxx and Bed Bath & Beyond. We bought pillows and curtains to help complete my living room. If I cant replace my couches for a few more years, the goal is to dress them up a bit.
  • So- my purchases are sitting in the corner of the living room as I am waiting for Sean to hang the curtain rods...lets see how long that takes to get done. Once it's done, I will be able to see how it all looks put together! I'm excited!
  • I do though keep looking at stores on-line for pillows.... does that not mean I'm completely sold? I'm totally sold on the curtains though... just need them up. I really think once it's all in place, I'll know...
  • I watched the Bachelor last night... oh my goodness. Chantel's house-holy hugeness...and Ashley's sister- holy tattoos.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I just love this laugh

Who would have thought a ringtone could be so entertaining?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tell All Tuesday

  • Quinlin is home sick from school. She got kicked out yesterday at about 2:45 with a temperature of 101.5. So, Sean is home with her today. He was supposed to be off today anyway for his last day on the ice, but instead has a hot date with his daughter. I have already been called with questions and it's only 8:15am.
  • I took Owen to school this morning and it reminded me how easy taking care of just one baby is. The drop was so quick and I loved our chatty time in the car. He was eating a breakfast snack and all of a sudden he starts saying "Open" in a high pitch followed by "closed" in a low voice. I realized he was imitating his toy, Potsy, that my sister bought Owen. It was hilarious- Potsy is quite effeminate... but a very cute toy.
  • I don't think Sean knows where the kids clothes go in what drawer... how come I am the one to always put them away?
  • Still working on my art project... I was supposed to go to NY and England because of it...not sure if that's still the plan. Waiting to hear.
  • I made valentine's dinner for us yesterday- BBQ beef and french fries- and it was awful. I think I overcooked it in the crock pot and we were do disappointed. Oh well- I'll scratch that recipe off my list.
  • Tonight is taco Tuesday- I cant screw that one up. A household favorite.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend seemed to go way too fast, as they all tend to do. Nothing really special either. On Friday night, I caught up on the dvr while Sean prepped his fishing gear for his last tournament of the season. Saturday was a day of grocery shopping and cleaning while Sean fished. He got home about 4:30pm after finishing 11th out of 41 and then we rushed up to Hunter's basketball game. We brought both babies and it was a disaster. As soon as the game started, Quinlin started fussing so Sean took her to the hallway to run around. Of course, he missed Hunter scoring his one and only basket. The rest of the game, we took turns between watching the kids and watching the game. They discovered a play room and there was no going back into the gymnasium.

Hunter's team won and have now finished their season undefeated. He has a bye this weekend and will start playoffs the following Saturday. Hunter's grandpa, Jiddo, came to the game and took Hunter out to eat afterwards. We were going to attempt to take the kids to Dairy Queen for dinner and decided against that and came home and I just made brinner. Saved us money and the hassle of going somewhere.

Sunday morning Sean's parents came over. They got there about 10:15am and stayed until about 1:45 when the kids went down for a nap. I made crockpot cream cheese chicken and it was fabulous.

Crockpot Cream Cheese Chicken
Makes: 6 servings Total Time: 6 hr

What you need:
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts (I usually just buy like a package that equals 1.5 lbs or so)
1 stick butter
1 package Good Seasons Italian Salad Dressing
1 can condensed cream of chicken soup
1 bar cream cheese
1 pound gemelli pasta (this is the type I use but you can really use any pasta or rice)

make it:
In your slow cooker place the chicken, put stick of butter on top and pour package of Good Seasons Italian Salad Dressing onto it all. Cook on low for 5 hours.
Take out chicken and shred/cut up.
Add can of cream of chicken soup and bar of cream cheese into crockpot seasoning/butter mixture and stir. Add shredded chicken back in and stir. Cook on low for one more hour.
Serve over pasta (or rice).

Sunday morning we were awoken by Owen at 4:45am who sounded like a barking seal. Croup was back- though we didn't know if it was croup or RSV. We took him outside for the cold air, gave him a breathing treatment and then brought him to the shower. He went to the doctor at 9:30 where he was diagnosed with spazzmatic croup. Poor kid cannot stay healthy. Luckily they gave him a steroid medicine and he was good as new!

Sunday night Sean and I met my friends Kelli and Carrie at Harry Buffalo for dinner and drinks and then off to the Cavs game we went. Kelli had her boss's tickets to the game and invited us to come. The seats were split in pairs- two seats 6 rows back and two seats Courtside. So, for the first half, we sat in the 6th row, for the 2nd half, we sat on the floor. It was amazing. I was spoiled sitting so close (and felt like a Kardashian). So fun. Too bad they lost.

They played the wizards so I was very focused on John Wall. Hunter became obsessed with the John Wall song (and dance moves) and got Owen into it too. So- of course, I was entirely preoccupied watching him.

It was a fun night, nice to get out. And today- nothing special planned here. I have dinner in the crockpot (bbq beef) and that's it. I did get a nice "hand" bouquet from Owen... Happy Valentine's Day.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Show Us Your Life- Beauty Secrets

Today at Kelly's Korner, the Show Us Your Life topic is beauty secrets! I wish I had more of them, or that I was taught by a professional- or be able to do things like a professional...but I will share a few of the things that I know...or have learned.

for me, after all these years of dealing with my frizzy, crazy hair, I have finally realized that I don't need to use hair products after all. My hair is naturally curly and I have spent years going to the salon and leaving with new products to help control and manage it. In reality, I never needed any of it. All the dollars spent and the products would just sit in my cabinet. My hair is manageable and soft...
      See- pretty straight hair... with a round brush- and my straightener...
My must haves:
  • The Chi straighteners, in my opinion are the best.
  • Aveda air control hairspray

It gives you the control of hair spray, but not the heaviness or the crunchiness. I also used to be a big fan of the aveda shampure shampoo and conditioners, but this mama is on a budget. The best I have found for cheap?
Garnier fructis shampoo and conditioner.

Aside from hair care, I have a few must have make up items too...

Make Up Forever HD Foundation- color 120. I also grabbed the nars concealer after the kind makeup gal told me about the dark circles under my eyes... I guess I'm an easy sell (picture below).

I was supposed to buy powder but figured I would hold off until my next trip (must remember to get color 220 next time for that). I then walked away with concealer, eye shadow, blush, eye liner, eye primer...eek!

Here is my eye liner- I absolutely love the Lancome liquid eyeliner in noir. I then went and purchased a eye lash curler. I never curl my lashes and wanted to start so purchased what they recommended...
I needed a new blush so went with Nars powder in the color sin. I love it- though the first time I tried it, I didn't realize how much grabbed to my brush and it went on a little dark. But- I finally had cheeks! or cheekbones I should say.
I wanted to start working on my eyes a little more so purchased a primer. I didn't realize that you needed a separate primer for eye shadow in addition to the face. So- me, still in sticker shock for knowing what I was about to purchase, decided to choose one and buy the other another time. So- I bought the nars smudge proof eyebase. Totally makes a difference. My eyeshadow and liner finally lasted all day! After deciding on the base, I went with some eye shadows as well. Nars abyssinia and duo kalahari (not these purple colors shown- ha). I then finished the eyes off with the bad gal mascara. I already knew I was a fan of that one after trying it one day when I was unimpressed with diorshow.

Now- if only I could apply it like the professionals... hmmm...

Looking forward to the weekend. This was a busy week at home. Sean worked some of the night shifts to retrain somebody so I held down the fort. My parents came over last night which was nice- always nice for them to see the grand kids.

In TV news- nothing too impressive for the week. My usual staples were kind of boring. I didnt laugh as hard with Modern Family, Grey's was slightly boring, the Bachelor almost predictable and I want to strangle everyone on Teen Mom. Yet- all in all- still good entertainment when the kids go to bed!

This weekend, I hope to finally watch The Hurt Locker... I looked at my netflix account and we have had it since December 30. I could have probably purchased it by now for the amount I'm paying per month for my netflix membership. No plans tomorrow (Sean is fishing in a tournament) and then Sunday we're supposed to visit with his parents who are coming to town and then go to the Cavs game. They have lost, I think 26 straight, but my girlfriend has floor seats so I didnt want to pass up the game. Maybe we'll watch them set yet another record. Lets bring back football season- Go Browns!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The cutest is at the very end

Hi! I just love her...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Semi Wordless Wednesday

A future career for Quinlin?

Much cuter when little tushies are involved... but even cuter when you get a crack of a different sort.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Recap

Low key is the best way to describe our weekend. Friday night Sean ended up working later than normal and then had to drive his snowmobile to the far east side to get fixed. I decided to celebrate Owen's half birthday with some happy half birthday cupcakes.

He loved them- I just felt bad that we "celebrated" without Sean. He didn't get home until about 10pm so I spent my time catching up on my dvr once the kids were in bed.

Saturday morning was nothing worth noting, except for Owen's creativity. The babies were eating bagels and all of a sudden Owen started talking about how his bagel was shaped like a moon (in the crescent shape) and then like a dinosaur. Then- it looked like an elephant and he started making little elephant noises with the "trunk". So creative- and clever.

My parents came over for lunch and to see the kids and then headed home early to avoid the bad weather that was coming. The weather got so bad, my friend Megan had to cancel a jewelry party she had planned. Selfishly I was glad she cancelled because Hunter had a basketball game and I didn't want to miss it. I missed last week's because his dad's side all came to the game so I felt like I could skip it. His team is now 5-0 and won on Saturday 41-21. Hunter had his best game of the year as well- 4 points, 2 assists and 3 rebounds. He had been the only kid on his team to not have scored yet, so when he made the first basket, the crowd erupted, the kids on the bench stood screaming, the coaches arms went to the air. I was so excited for him. The same reaction happened with his second shot too. After the game, everyone was congratulating him- calling him MVP, etc. He was thrilled.

Superbowl Sunday consisted of me venturing out with the three kids to Target because I had a return to make. I was there for about 40 minutes, 40 minutes too long. 35 of those minutes looking for Hunter throughout the store and at the end getting nervous because I couldn't find him and had to have his name called over the overhead speaker system. He was in the electronics- where I knew he was and I kept walking by, but he was at an end cap so I couldn't see him as I strolled back and forth in front of the department. We then rushed out of there as Owen was in full tantrum mode because he saw a toy cat that he wanted but that I had no urge to spend $20 on.
stupid purring cat caused a tantrum the entire car ride home.
Sunday Owen and Sean played outside while Hunter, Quinlin and I watched.
And then Sunday night Sawsan & Mike along with Jennifer came over to watch the Super Bowl. We let Hunter off his grounding to watch as well and we all had a great time in the basement watching. The game itself, was better than the commercials. And- the Packers won so it made it even better.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Show Us Your Life- what are you feeding your toddlers

I'm participating in my first ever Show us Your life series with Kelly's Korner. I'm excited to finally be able to join in. Every time she has one, I think- Oh, I could do this...but then get to lazy about it.

This week's theme is Tell us what you feed your toddlers/preschoolers. I did a post on this back in October for a friend as we were discussing feeding our little ones and having such a hard time as they were either just learning to eat the real stuff or just too picky. Rather than retype it, you can click here for my post- Adventures in Table Food. I reference this every once in a while when in a rut since it gives the whole monthly menu as to what my little dude and diva eat at daycare.

I was also, coincidentally reading today and there's agreat article here about an actress, Elizabeth Rohm, revamping her daughter's diet. I related- a lot- as there are times I cook a nice meal with Owen turning his nose to it and asking for "fuffins" (aka mini muffins).
and what fun is a post when it's really just a reference to an older post? So- with that, I bring you my new little walker. She's really getting good!

Dear Owen- 2 1/2 years old (and then random rumblings)


I cannot believe my baby boy is 2 1/2.... He really seems to be growing up so quickly. One minute he's a baby, and the next a little boy really running around everywhere. Independent, stubborn, funny...
  • Owen is wearing size 2T and 3T shirts, mostly 3T, and 2T pants.
  • Still in a size 4 diaper (sad that he and Quinlin wear the same size)
  • 30 pounds... I need to get his height checked but he is pretty average with the other kids in school. He used to be such a chunker and now all of a sudden is looking pretty slim.
  • Size 6 shoes and size 7 boots.
  • Owen loves all things sports... but especially basketball and football. He has been known to take play food at daycare (aka the dinner roll) and say "Hey Roddy- catch the ball" and toss it like a football. Roddy has also taught him hockey- a newfound love of Owen's. He also is loving basketball more and more- especially since Hunter plays in a league. Every saturday night, upon returning from Hunter's game, Owen rushes to his hoop and begins to practice his shooting and dribbling.
  • Owen loves to talk...and talk and talk. He loves to answer questions with "because I had to, because I needed to" responses. It's cute to see his brain working. He wanted candy the other day and saw the halloween bin at the very top of our pantry. "Mama, candy" he demanded. "No Owen". Why?"I then explained that it was empty. He looked at me, cocked his head to the side and said "too high"?
  • Between 2 and 2 1/2 brought the change from toddler to little boy in our dealings with Climbing out of the crib and the dreaded crib transition. But- ever since we moved to the full size bed, he has been sleeping like a charm. Naptime on weekends can be a little rough sometimes, but I have learned to let him play with a toy quietly in bed and eventually he falls asleep.
  • At 2 1/2, he still loves to play outside and hates that it is so cold to be able to do so. We came home from school the other day and Sean was out snowblowing. He instantly came inside, found his snowpants and hat and wanted to go outside as well. I got him all bundled up, only for him to change his mind because he was hungry. At least he's eating!
  • At 2 1/2, he lights up when he sees Quinlin. He loves to wake her up in the mornings by going into her room "Hi Quinny" though more pronounced like "hi Kinny" and in the car if he cant see her face he starts yelling "Kinny, wake up!" He loves to play with her, though at times, may accidentally get too rough which results in tears and an instant "I'm sorry Kinny" promptly followed by a kiss!
  • Best friends- Nora, Roddy, Nicholas and Adam... Nora is the biter and I know they will get married. It is a total love/hate relationship. Out of the blue, in the car, he'll say "No bite Nora" when she's not even with us. Or- he'll say "No Nora, my toy" when she's nowhere around. He thinks about her all the time. Yet- he loves her... and hugs her...and instantly wants to find her to play.
  • still no real interest in getting out of diapers. I'm hoping that will change soon...I'm also hoping that our good friend Binky, who we see only at night time, disappears soon as well.
  • favorite foods- pizza and tacos. Still not really into chicken- unless it's nuggets.
  • favorite toys- anything sports, lamby (of course), the black and decker tool shop, and anything Quinlin's
I thought the terrible two's would be worse, but he is just the sweetest, funniest little guy. I love to see his personality shine through- and see the joy of life in his eyes!

No other news to report. So glad it's Friday! I have a weekend of just me and the kiddos while Sean goes ice fishing again... will the ice ever melt? The other day on my way in, I captured this

yes- it's cold. At this rate, I will be an ice fishing widow until May. But- I can then catch up on my dvr, I hope during naptime. Not much in my tv world this week.
  • The Bachelor- I was sad to see the nanny Ashley get sent home. I liked her. Michelle is still crazy as ever- and now that I know the story between her and Carlos Boozer, I look at her completely differently. Homewrecker. The girls all crying is getting old- and I see no chemistry at all with Emily. They are just really trying to make us all fall in love with her so she can be the next bachelorette.
  • Tosh.0- what rock have I been living under that I haven't seen this show before. Hilarious! (though- mom and dad- totally inappropriate humor that you wouldnt like). Totally inappropriate. Hunter walked in and I paused the show and he said "Oh- you're watching Tosh?" Yikes- I know he's been watching if he knew exactly what it was.
  • 90210- not sure why I still watch but totally sucked in. The new girl on there, Emily, reminds me of a young version of Jennie Garth. The story line though seems like a story line from the original 90210 days. The story with the psycho girl who wanted to be Kelly...
  • Grey's Anatomy- was a good episode. I felt so bad at the end when Mark told Lexie that Callie was having his child. :(
  • Oprah's search for the next TV star- yep, I'm hooked on the new OWN network. I like this "reality" show a lot and also the Oprah Behind the Scenes. Very interesting to see how a show comes together.
That's it for me. Happy Super Bowl weekend- Go Pack Go!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


As I mentioned here, Sean was out of town last weekend which meant that I had the pleasure of having 3 teenage boys playing/sleeping in my basement while I also watched my 2 under 2. Fun stuff... In that post, I referenced my wall art falling off the wall. I didn't think much of it at the time, until I got a phone call yesterday at work from Sean telling me that Hunter was now grounded. He asked about the art and I said that I had known it had fallen down. Well- Hunter lied about the situation and continued to lie...

we'll start from the beginning...pretty Crate and Barrel wall art...

Owen's little tykes basketball hoop
Though, for 8th grade boys, this innocent little basketball hoop is for the game, knee basketball.

The scratch behind the artwork that I saw Friday night...

The dent in the wall towards the floor when the artwork fell. I did not notice this at the time of the incident.

The corner of the artwork still displaying the chunk of drywall it took out from image above...

Now- accidents will happen, and our house is made to be lived in. I don't mind that. In fact, when we hung the art, I took a small chunk out of the wall as well by our level so we knew already we would have to do some patching. The issue is that Hunter told Sean that they took the artwork off the wall so it wouldn't break or cause any damage in case they got too rough... I knew for a fact they didn't take it off the wall. I heard it fall. I didn't take the pictures of the damage they did trying to rehang it themselves either. After about 30 minutes, Hunter finally confessed. At what point do they learn that lying is not the answer? The punishment is always more severe than if you just tell the truth.

Well- Sean took away Hunter's cell phone and PS3 for the month. Hunter, the good kid that he is, felt guilty and unhooked his ATT Uverse box from his room, handed over his remote and also his ipod. We did let him keep his kindle- it promotes reading, so I don't mind that. He also has to help clean the house every night- last night he cleaned his room, cleaned his bathroom and vacuumed the living room and upstairs hallway. On the flip side, I may get a clean house after all of this. And- we're not that cold hearted... if good behaviour, he'll get some of his privileges back early. and, I'll let him watch the Super Bowl. Fingers crossed he learns his lesson.

And- since this is such a debbie downer post... can I just post a pic of my little diva?
I now have realized why I should have bought shoes earlier- to match her bows!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I just love his smile...
such a cheese face!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tell All Tuesday

My random thoughts for this Tuesday
  • I went shopping this weekend. Totally disappointed in some of my favorite stores... I really need a personal shopper- or I guess someone to tell me what would look cute on because just looking on a hanger makes me have no interest in some of the items out there
  • And speaking of shopping... I have no urge to buy cute tank tops and short sleeve shirts when its so cold outside. If there is still snow on the ground, I think they should still be selling sweaters... though- I dont want matronly looking sweaters... Limited was highly disappointing (back to point 1)
  • I need to start writing down Owen's funny responses...
    • Me- "Owen- why are you coughing?"
    • O- "Because I need to"
  • I need to travel for another country. Yikes! But- I've already started plotting my adventure and talking to some peers so should be ok- and not truly alone.
  • My girlfriend was complaining about not being able to sleep while her husband was out of town this weekend. Am I a bad wife when I say that I slept great? And- both babies slept in all weekend as well which made my sleep even better.
  • I need to get back into the swing of things cooking wise. I didn't have to cook for about 4 or 5 days and then forgot to thaw some food out for yesterdays dinner. Luckily chicken is defrosting as we speak.
  • I am so ready for the Super Bowl to be over... no reason my local grocery store is selling Steelers cookie cakes. Blach... root for your home team darnit. Go Browns!
  • And to end my post with cute pictures... check out the crazy hair of my two crazies from bathtime...

my kids crack me up... :)