Friday, February 11, 2011

Show Us Your Life- Beauty Secrets

Today at Kelly's Korner, the Show Us Your Life topic is beauty secrets! I wish I had more of them, or that I was taught by a professional- or be able to do things like a professional...but I will share a few of the things that I know...or have learned.

for me, after all these years of dealing with my frizzy, crazy hair, I have finally realized that I don't need to use hair products after all. My hair is naturally curly and I have spent years going to the salon and leaving with new products to help control and manage it. In reality, I never needed any of it. All the dollars spent and the products would just sit in my cabinet. My hair is manageable and soft...
      See- pretty straight hair... with a round brush- and my straightener...
My must haves:
  • The Chi straighteners, in my opinion are the best.
  • Aveda air control hairspray

It gives you the control of hair spray, but not the heaviness or the crunchiness. I also used to be a big fan of the aveda shampure shampoo and conditioners, but this mama is on a budget. The best I have found for cheap?
Garnier fructis shampoo and conditioner.

Aside from hair care, I have a few must have make up items too...

Make Up Forever HD Foundation- color 120. I also grabbed the nars concealer after the kind makeup gal told me about the dark circles under my eyes... I guess I'm an easy sell (picture below).

I was supposed to buy powder but figured I would hold off until my next trip (must remember to get color 220 next time for that). I then walked away with concealer, eye shadow, blush, eye liner, eye primer...eek!

Here is my eye liner- I absolutely love the Lancome liquid eyeliner in noir. I then went and purchased a eye lash curler. I never curl my lashes and wanted to start so purchased what they recommended...
I needed a new blush so went with Nars powder in the color sin. I love it- though the first time I tried it, I didn't realize how much grabbed to my brush and it went on a little dark. But- I finally had cheeks! or cheekbones I should say.
I wanted to start working on my eyes a little more so purchased a primer. I didn't realize that you needed a separate primer for eye shadow in addition to the face. So- me, still in sticker shock for knowing what I was about to purchase, decided to choose one and buy the other another time. So- I bought the nars smudge proof eyebase. Totally makes a difference. My eyeshadow and liner finally lasted all day! After deciding on the base, I went with some eye shadows as well. Nars abyssinia and duo kalahari (not these purple colors shown- ha). I then finished the eyes off with the bad gal mascara. I already knew I was a fan of that one after trying it one day when I was unimpressed with diorshow.

Now- if only I could apply it like the professionals... hmmm...

Looking forward to the weekend. This was a busy week at home. Sean worked some of the night shifts to retrain somebody so I held down the fort. My parents came over last night which was nice- always nice for them to see the grand kids.

In TV news- nothing too impressive for the week. My usual staples were kind of boring. I didnt laugh as hard with Modern Family, Grey's was slightly boring, the Bachelor almost predictable and I want to strangle everyone on Teen Mom. Yet- all in all- still good entertainment when the kids go to bed!

This weekend, I hope to finally watch The Hurt Locker... I looked at my netflix account and we have had it since December 30. I could have probably purchased it by now for the amount I'm paying per month for my netflix membership. No plans tomorrow (Sean is fishing in a tournament) and then Sunday we're supposed to visit with his parents who are coming to town and then go to the Cavs game. They have lost, I think 26 straight, but my girlfriend has floor seats so I didnt want to pass up the game. Maybe we'll watch them set yet another record. Lets bring back football season- Go Browns!


  1. Hi Shannon, I love hearing your recommendations. I am a huge fan of NARS makeup. When my friends and I took a trip to Chicago several years ago, we all bought NARS make up for the first time at MACY's. I have loved it ever since. I love their shadows, I will have to look into that base, it's sounds great!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I have never tryed any of the NARS products. I also have naturally curly hair and after years of trying to go straight I have embraced my curls and now I wouldn't change them for the world. I never have to worry about having limp or dull hair and if I go out in the rain it doesn't matter.

  3. I want to try that HD foundation. i've heard great things about it.

  4. I have been using the MUFE HD powder and really like it- I've been wanting to try the foundation.

  5. I have to have the straightener too! Thanks for the tips - they all sound like great products!

  6. I am seeing the NARS eye shadow on a ton of peoples blogs I might have to check that out! Thanks for all the tips!

  7. I love Bad Gal mascara! I switch back and forth between it and Too Faced Lash Injection

  8. They sound like great products! I'd like to try the blush! I'm blog hopping and found your blog. I'm now following. Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!

  9. I used the Aveda Air Control hairspray for a long time, as it was recommended to be great in humidity (helllllllo South Texas!), but have recently switched to Kenra and it's seriously the greatest hairspray I've ever used! You should test it out next time you need a new can of spray! I LOVE it!