Thursday, February 3, 2011


As I mentioned here, Sean was out of town last weekend which meant that I had the pleasure of having 3 teenage boys playing/sleeping in my basement while I also watched my 2 under 2. Fun stuff... In that post, I referenced my wall art falling off the wall. I didn't think much of it at the time, until I got a phone call yesterday at work from Sean telling me that Hunter was now grounded. He asked about the art and I said that I had known it had fallen down. Well- Hunter lied about the situation and continued to lie...

we'll start from the beginning...pretty Crate and Barrel wall art...

Owen's little tykes basketball hoop
Though, for 8th grade boys, this innocent little basketball hoop is for the game, knee basketball.

The scratch behind the artwork that I saw Friday night...

The dent in the wall towards the floor when the artwork fell. I did not notice this at the time of the incident.

The corner of the artwork still displaying the chunk of drywall it took out from image above...

Now- accidents will happen, and our house is made to be lived in. I don't mind that. In fact, when we hung the art, I took a small chunk out of the wall as well by our level so we knew already we would have to do some patching. The issue is that Hunter told Sean that they took the artwork off the wall so it wouldn't break or cause any damage in case they got too rough... I knew for a fact they didn't take it off the wall. I heard it fall. I didn't take the pictures of the damage they did trying to rehang it themselves either. After about 30 minutes, Hunter finally confessed. At what point do they learn that lying is not the answer? The punishment is always more severe than if you just tell the truth.

Well- Sean took away Hunter's cell phone and PS3 for the month. Hunter, the good kid that he is, felt guilty and unhooked his ATT Uverse box from his room, handed over his remote and also his ipod. We did let him keep his kindle- it promotes reading, so I don't mind that. He also has to help clean the house every night- last night he cleaned his room, cleaned his bathroom and vacuumed the living room and upstairs hallway. On the flip side, I may get a clean house after all of this. And- we're not that cold hearted... if good behaviour, he'll get some of his privileges back early. and, I'll let him watch the Super Bowl. Fingers crossed he learns his lesson.

And- since this is such a debbie downer post... can I just post a pic of my little diva?
I now have realized why I should have bought shoes earlier- to match her bows!

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