Friday, November 14, 2014


We have been chugging along but I figured it was time for some updates. Where do I begin?
Hunter has been doing awesome. First quarter of senior year and he got a 3.47, worked 20 hours a week and handled a social life- including a new girlfriend. I was so proud of him. He recently retook the ACT's and received a 27 (25 the first time) so he now will graduate with an honors diploma. His college search has begun, and I hope he can get his applications in over the next few weeks. It's an exciting time for him.

Work has been going ok for him. The hours have slowed now that winter is approaching, and he's only averaging about 4 hours a week- and as you know with a social life- he needs more than 4 hours to maintain his little dating life. So- off he went in search of a second job to supplement. I was proud of his drive, but have maintained the attitude of no more than 20 hours a week. School comes first.

Speaking of school, Owen has rocked out kindergarten. I now know, even while talking to his teacher last night at conferences, that we made the best decision for him by starting him at age 6 instead of 5. The best compliment that came out of conferences was "if I could have 21 more Owens, I'd be so happy". His report card was straight S's (the highest you can get) and the comments on it blew me away:
"Owen is an enthusiastic and conscientious student. He has adjusted nicely to kindergarten and is a model citizen. He takes a keen interest in all work and approaches his assigned tasks in a confident manner. Owen has done an excellent job of mastering his sight words. He is working on writing sentences with capitalization, spacing and punctuation. Keep up the great work, Owen!"
Can it get any better than that?

Quinlin is doing amazing as well. It's crazy to think she'll be 5 in just two months. My baby... almost 5! She is working on her letters and writing in preschool and tries so hard when we do spelling and sight words at home with Owen to master them as well. Socially, she's everyone's best friend and constantly gets hugs goodbye from all her classmates when she leaves at the end of each day. She's very sweet natured too- always inclusive of everyone. It's such a wonderful, untaught trait and something I hope she maintains.

Sean and I have been working hard on our house. We made the decision that this is where we need to be. We have such wonderful neighbors who are more than neighbors, but friends and a really great school district. Though we seem a little cramped and could really use a 3 car garage, to know I wont be paying a mortgage when I'm 45 is a really good feeling. So- that's the plan. We spent this summer redoing our living room and really am happy with how the space turned out. That will be the next post.

Now would be a great time to include cute, smiling children pictures... why won't blogger post them???? ugh. Until next time.