Wednesday, November 20, 2013


My sister has reminded me that it has been months since there has been an update. I have totally been slacking on my blog since I started working from home. For some reason, on my new computer, I was having a hard time linking pictures into the blog, and without pictures, what fun is a post? But, I think my IT guy got it fixed, so all is right in the world.

Well, except for Adam Levine being People's Sexiest?
I am not a fan... too skinny, voice high pitched, etc...but I am more of a Channing Tatum fan (as documented and noted....extensively). Actually, People magazine missed the boat.... they don't know about this guy:

OK... enough about hot men...

what have we been up to? Hunter, Owen and Quinlin are all thriving in the new school year. Hunter managed to pull a 3.5 for the first quarter of junior year (all while working- though no longer at the inflatable he's in the food industry, and enjoying it).

Owen is doing well in pre-kindergarten and it solidified the fact that we made the right decision by holding him off from starting kindergarten as a young five. He is enjoying learning, eager to attempt to read, loves to play the game of rhyming words and opposites. Our new thing to tackle are sight words and will in due time. His coloring and drawings have been fantastic! It's amazing the difference in a year of how his mind works.

Quinlin is really enjoying preschool as well. She is learning and growing and has such the personality!

Other fun happenings...
My sister and I planned a girls weekend and went to Fort Lauderdale. So nice to have a weekend to ourselves. We visited family, spent time on the beach and at the pool, did some shopping. It was perfect!

Halloween happened. Sean and I went to a Halloween party in the neighborhood:

And the kids enjoyed trick or treating, though it was incredibly rainy and cold and they only lasted 30 minutes. But they sure looked cute!

We took family pictures this fall- a snapshot to leave you with!
and how sweet is this one???

Now that I can get pictures back on the blog, I will attempt to do it more regularly.