Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Let's see... where to begin. I have been working from home for almost a month now. It has been fantastic. I don't have a home office, but do have an office phone at my house set up in my room, so I plant myself on my bed with my laptop and work away. I have been taking the kids to daycare in the mornings, I'll come home and throw a load of laundry in and just plug away at work. A girl could get used to this! Everyone has told me they wouldn't be able to get anything done, but surprisingly, I am even more focused. It helps that I have a huge project to do and have really been able to get at it.

We have been back in the moving kick again. We went and looked at a house a few weeks ago that was about 20 minutes from us (south) but decided it wasn't right for us. I would really like to stay in the area that we are and after being on house searches for almost the past 3 years and meeting with probably 8 builders, have decided that in order to get everything we want, it looks like we need to build it. We found a development that I really like and met with a builder there, but not sure if he can build exactly what we want. We found a house plan we love and I have been emailing with that builder, but that house will cost us a pretty penny. So- I think we are going to put our plans on hold and really work hard to save and will revisit later in the year. My car will be paid off in about 6 months, and that will help with the savings as well (especially because we are paying double payments to pay it off about 18 months early). This extra time will also allow us to make sure we are still secure with our employments, etc.

The kids are good. Hunter joined track this year running the events of the 1 mile and the 2 mile. I am so proud of him for doing it. He isn't the fastest, but has gotten his mile time around 6 and a half minutes, and that is a huge accomplishment for him. He has had shin splints for the past two weeks so missed the first meet last week and will be missing the meet this afternoon. he still attends and helps time the races, but cannot physically participate until he is pain free to avoid the shin splints from turning into a stress fracture.
Owen is hilarious. He's been having a great time lately, especially with his friends. I feel like every weekend there is a birthday party or playdate to attend. The same for Quinlin. I will try and post pictures once I load them onto the computer and will update more regularly to keep my sister happy.