Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hunter turns 17!

Not to be outdone, my very first baby had a birthday in January as well. The big 1-7! which is shocking since I'm still so young myself (I kidd, I kidd).

My handsome 17 year old!!! with the two younger ones, I always discuss their stats. So- at 17, he's 5'8, 138 pounds and in a size 11 shoe. :)

This is what happens when I attempt to take a picture of my three kids together. Fail. 

Too cool.



We had a nice time celebrating. He's really a remarkable young man. Junior year has been going well for him- grades are good, he's doing well at work (knock on wood) and he's scheduled for the ACT's in April. Yikes!!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Celebrating Quinlin's birthday

Over a month later, but I didn't want to forget what we did to celebrate Quinlin turning 4. I wanted to start a fun tradition for her and I, so we planned a mommy/daughter morning, and truthfully, hope it's something we can keep doing every year.

We started with the "picture on the stairs"

Then it was off to dance class

and then to the salon... this was the tradition- a morning of pampering.

finished, pretty hair!

then it was time for Quinlin's first manicure

then it was my turn

She got her toes done too. she was too small to sit with her feet in the hot water, so we opted just to do it in the manicure room. 

Our finished hands

Her finished toes! she chose sparkly blue! they had to fold and cut her pedicure slippers. I wasn't thinking when I dressed her in her fuzzy brown boots that day.

After the salon, we came home, had lunch, and finally got to open presents!

She was so excited for her new booster seats, her scooter and her new birthday dress! 

Party time!

can I mention how much I love my new crock pots? They're the connecting ones where you can use one or more on one electrical plug. Love them!

Frozen cake! (we have a slight obsession with the movie)

My mom's annual birthday card! the sled is the number 4!

Cousin love!

More presents!

It really was a fantastic day. My baby is 4. sniff sniff.