Friday, June 28, 2013

"what do you want to be when you grow up?"

I asked my kids what they wanted to be when they grew up- one said lawyer/FBI, one said a dentist and one said a football player. Guess which one my daughter picked...

so I took hunter to his physical (and stats at 16 years, 4 months- 125 lbs, 5'7 1/4). anyway- so great to take him places and have both the nurses and actual doctor tell me what a great kid he is, etc. Anyway, the doctor has now convinced hunter to go to law school. LOL. so, my little guy is doing all this research about college gpa's, the LSAT, colleges. Makes me happy- he still wants to do FBI, so the doctor convinced him that was a great option because if FBI didn't come through, he could still be a lawyer. So happy he has direction, listens to someone else who he respects and now has a goal and motivation. Fingers crossed it all works out and he doesn't lose this excitement.

A dentist... not sure where this is coming from, but he's been saying it for a little while now. I'll take it. It's funny how we were so nervous bringing him to the dentist the first time, the second time he totally took to it and by the 3rd time he was a champ. He loves going there and getting his teeth "tickled".

A football player... my little girl can be whatever her little heart desires... even if it's a football player. I am guessing this is stemming from our evenings of street football with the neighbors maybe. I'll see if her answer changes when I do her next birthday quiz.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

a job, a chicken and a boy band

I have been reminded by my faithful follower that it has been one month since my last blog post. I feel like we don't have much going on, and therefore, nothing to write about. It seems like every day is like Ground hog's Day. We do the exact same thing- wake up, drop off kids, come home and work, get dinner prepped, play outside, etc...

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. It's fun to hang out in the neighborhood and watch the kids play while we play cornhole or visit with our friends. The kids are at a great age where they all get along, all have someone there age to play with. It's been great. Hunter has even been getting in on the action as well and has loved hanging out with the men- and feeling like one of the guys. Even last night he called me from his friend's house asking if we were outside with the neighbors and if we were playing cornhole. 10 minutes later, he and his buddy showed up ready to get in on the action. For reference if you don't know (

Speaking of Hunter, he went to Cedar Point last weekend- and lost his cell phone while riding a roller coaster. I shouldn't say lost, but more like it slipped out of his pocket during a ride. So- on Monday, I had to take him to get a new phone. He wanted a smart phone this time, so we told him, that would mean our plan would go up, etc and that he was 16 now, he should get a job. So- he called about 15 places, applied at 6 of them and got called for an interview.

I should have taken a picture, he looked so handsome as he was getting ready for his interview. Black dress shirt, Blue tie, grey pants, black dress shoes... this boy looked sharp. He had studied and prepped- read all up on the establishment, spoke to a friend who worked there for hints and pointers and was set. Sean and I both drove him there and we waited in the car. He came out about 15 minutes later- happy and confident- and lo and behold, about 3 hours later received the phone call saying he got the job. He'll be making just more than minimum wage, and it will be so great for him. Something to do this summer, an opportunity to save towards college and give him a little spending money (not to mention the ability to pay me the $20 a month that the cell phone bill went up from his new smart phone.

He also managed to get a 3.0 this quarter (I think), so that means we can finally let him get his license. He just needs to work a bit on maneuverability, but I think he is ready. Yay!!!

Other updates- Owen, at age 4 years and 10 months, finally was almost 40 pounds so we caved and got him his booster seat. This kid has tried so hard to gain some weight. He is such a little beanpole- and so lean!
He also had his preschool graduation, we'll call it one of two since he's not actually graduating. It was really a nice, simple event. Breakfast at the school and we were given an all about me book that I will forever cherish.

Quinlin has been doing well. She had her dance recital in late May and was the best little chicken there could be. The theme was chicken soup and rice and she was incredible.

And lastly, I went to see NKOTB when they came to town. The concert was ok. Boyz II Men opened and they were incredible- only played for 30 minutes, then 98* played and they were just ok. Maybe a little Nick Lachey eye candy, but other than that, it was hard to hear so just ok. NKOTB came on and they were good. Some funny moments- and of course a packed arena with all 30 something year old women. But- the highlight of the night was spending it with good friends.