Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The pantry is still full of suckers...Owen has made several attempts at this whole potty training thing, but nothing. Maybe it was all a fluke? We'll keep trying- luckily I think suckers have a long shelf life!

In other news... guess who has a tooth???? Yep- Quinlin got her first tooth over the weekend. Lower left. She is the one of all three kids to get her first tooth the soonest. Hunter had just turned a year, Owen was 9 months and she was 7 1/2 months. I have a feeling she'll be the one to be the earliest on everthing. I'm thinking because she's a girl!

In other news- we had a great weekend! Sean took Hunter to the big high school football game on Friday night while I saw some friends from my college sorority days. Saturday was Hunter's first cross country meet of the season. He finished in 18 minutes and 35 seconds. Hopefully he can keep improving on his time. We went out Saturday night for our monthly group night out with the location this time being Northfield Park. I had never been there before... it was ok. We won one race for a total of $3.20 but since Sean and I both made a $2.00 bet, we were still in the hole $.80- ha! Overall a very fun night with friends. Sunday I finally saw Eat Pray Love with my girlfriends. Good movie- I started reading the book, but who was I kidding, really. I would have thought with three kids- 2 under 2 that reading wasn't going to be in my vocabulary. I'm still on page 47 though after seeing the movie, I hope to be able to pick it up again.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Who wants a sucker?

Lots of small updates. I finally have settled the debate on what I was doing for our bedding. After dragging my sister to 2 TJ Maxx stores, 2 Targets, 2 Kohl's, Macy's and Bed Bath and Beyond, I finally decided to go with the following for our new Bed:

I think it will be perfect- especially since it's even being shown with an upholstered bed. I ordered it yesterday using coupons and gift cards so will be stalking my front porch every day for the next 8 days! The only bummer was that I couldnt find the coverlet in king... hopeful it is made in that size and I can find it in the future. I didnt get to see the bedding in person at either Kohl's store but did get to see other Vera Wang sets so could tell the quality and feel to it will be great! fingers crossed I love it in person!
Hunter started up with cross country. Running like crazy (I think, or so he says). His first meet is on Saturday and I'm excited to watch! We got all his school supply shopping done as well (I also dragged my sister to Marc's for that as part of our shopping excursion) and I know he is ready to head back to school and see his buddies. He went to Cedar Point on Saturday with Evan and had a blast. A nice way to end off what a sucky summer it has been for him.

Quinlin is amazing (as usual). Seriously the best little thing ever. Her new thing is rolling everywhere and talking up a storm. We changed her schedule at daycare food wise and I'm loving the fact that she is now up to eating 3 meals a day. She wakes up now in the mornings when I wake her at 6:45am and she has 5 oz formula. At school they feed her rice cereal and a fruit for breakfast at 8:00am, she gets 5 oz formula and a vegetable at noon and she gets 5 oz formula at 4:00pm. I pick her up at about 5:45pm and feed her dinner at 6:00pm- usually cereal and a "dinner". We have had great success with apples and chicken and chicken and broccoli but she wants nothing to do with Gerber beef and mixed vegetables. Sean reminded me that Owen didnt like the beef meals either which made me laugh. They're so similar. At 8:30pm, she gets her last bottle of the day and is off to bed. I love it. Another new thing for her is using the mesh feeder. I forgot we had one so was excited for her to try fresh fruit. We've only tried nectarines so far...Bananas will be tonights treat!And then there is Owen. His favorite thing all summer has been to be outside, and he recently discovered the slide at the playground in our development. He begs to go on walks just to go to the playground.

So Owen transitioned yesterday to Toddler 2. Its a room of kids from 25 months to 36 months and he actually has been spending his mornings with the kids and teachers as Toddler 1 is combined until about 9am. So- when i picked him up from school yesterday, he came running to me said he pooped and got his diaper change. when they finished changing him, he kept asking for a sucker. I found out that the kids who poop/pee on the potty get a sucker and that he had been asking all day. So- I took him home and he kept asking for suckers, we kept telling him he needed to use the potty, etc, over and over. After going in his diaper, sitting on the potty a few times, playing and asking for suckers, we continued to keep trying. And- lo and behold- he pooped. We were so excited for him- singing/dancing/praising, high fiving! He got his sucker! And, wouldnt you know- before bed, he had to go again, so back to the potty he went and back came the singing and praising! I would love to be done with diapers, but I am realistic and know we are nowhere near ready. But- if I can encourage him even a little bit, I will continue to do so.

So- what did I do this morning? I made a quick trip to Target and came home with suckers!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quinlin turns 7 months and Owen turns 2!

Lots of milestones happening in our household. First, Owen turned 2 years old! I say this with every age post, but I seriously dont know where the time has gone. I look at Owen and he no longer is a baby and yet, doesnt even feel like a toddler. He is a little boy! He is the sweetest, most loving, troublemaker ever. First the stats:

Weight- 27 pounds 15 ounces (50%)
Height- 35 inches (65%)
Head- I think she said 18? But it was 50%

When Owen was born, he started out tall and thin and then one day, he was short and chubby. it was nice to see his stats this time around and see that he has, not only thinned out, but has grown as well.

This past year has been full of excitement for Owen. He started walking, running, eating everything, playing outside, playing more independently, etc. He seems to say a new word everyday, words that I have no idea how he knows, it's hilarious. We can have full conversations now and I can understand what he wants. The tantrums have settled down as I think before he was more frustrated that we couldnt understand him. He loves to climb on everything, jump on everything, fall on everything. I have a feeling the emergency room will be one of our routine stops down the road. He loves to play, to cook, and to love. He loves to ask "why" to questions and when he gets the answer, he adorably says "oh". he loves to call your name over and over again and when you answer say "hi" and he loves to be loved. Owen- we have so much love for you- you make us so proud to be your parents!

Then there is Quinlin- 7 months old today. I need to take her monthly picture after work. Not too much happening developmentally for baby girl between last month and this month. She sits more- still a tripod like sit but she is getting stronger. She is very aware of her surroundings and always needs to be "in the know". I think she may have a future in hoppywood gossip! I like to refer to her lately as nosey nelly! The changing table, for example is in her room so if I need to change Owen or grab a diaper, I quietly sneak in there if she's sleeping. as soon as I walk in, she suddenly pops her head up to see what's going on.

Quinlin still is rolling like crazy. we place her on her blanket in the living room and find her completely off it, in a totally different direction. She loves to be on her tummy and lifts her arms and her butt but hasnt figured out how to do it all at once yet. I dont think crawling is too far off, but dont think she's really showing an interest yet. Owen didnt crawl until just before he turned a year, so I dont think anytime soon for Quinnygirl either. And- I certainly dont want to rush her. She's my last baby, I dont mind if she stays a baby a little while longer.

Hunter started cross country practice this week. I'm so glad. It gets him out of the house, gets him to see his friends, and gets him active again. Since his bout with pneumonia, he had a horrible summer so its nice to see him able to do things again. He didnt get to practice at all this summer though, so he's finding his times are pretty slow and he's behind the pack. I hope to see him show signs of improvement between last year and this year. we'll see.

And- to top everything off, sickness continues. First, Hunter with pneumonia in July. Then, Owen got croupe. Who was next? Sean... with strep. I have slept the past two nights on the couch so I can "attempt" to stay healthy. Sadly, I have gotten some fantastic sleep.
Cant have a birthday post without a picture. Here's Owen- at 2. Such a charmer!

More pictures to follow when I actually download them.

Monday, August 9, 2010

more sickness/ decorating

well- Hunter has finally recovered from pneumonia and Owen now has the croupe. we cant seem to win in our household. We took Owen to the doctor yesterday for the croupe and he was put on medication. This after we had called after he got sick on July 30th, went to the doctor on August 3rd and then back on August 8th. He actually has his two year check up scheduled tomorrow where I will finally write my Happy 2nd birthday Owen post complete with stats and the fun things he has been up to.

The new thing that has consumed me is our plans for our new master bedroom. My office owns condos and so I inherited a Restoration Hardware upholstered king size bed. I'm very excited to now begin decorating! This is the bed:

This is my new inspiration and what I want to do with our bedroom.

Atleast the colors, etc. I am now obsessed with curtains and trying to figure out where to get them. I somehow came across designer Kenneth Brown and love the look of room 305 on his website kennethbrowndesign.com.I think I found the comforter/duvet through Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn. Just now need to see what else I can find and make the look work. though- will I be kicking myself by getting white bedding and having small kids? two germ invested little ones? snotfest on my bed? yikes!