Monday, August 11, 2014

Owen's birthday Quiz

My little guy turned 6 earlier this month! Happy birthday to the sweetest, most caring, giving, funniest, clever, inquiring, cautious yet crazy, just want to have fun little guy I know. We are ready for new adventures (aka Kindergarten)! I love this little guy so much- words cannot describe. And in following tradition- the birthday quiz. We've been doing since he turned 3. Funny to see the answers change (even though Sean and I dropped off his list of favorite people this year):
1. What's your name? Owen Patrick Carlin
2. How old are you? 6
3. Where do you live? Broadview Heights
4. what is your favorite color? turquoise
5. who is your favorite person? Hunter
6. who's your best friend? Patrick
7. what is your favorite tv show? Sponge Bob and Full House
8. what is your favorite food? Tacos
9. do you have a favorite snack? Gummy bears and gummy worms- and Peeps!
10. what is your favorite drink? warmer water (much prefers from the faucet as opposed to filtered from the fridge)
11. where is your favorite restaurant? Applebees
12. what do you like to do for fun? play Skylanders
13. what do you like to play outside? Ninja turtles with my buddies
14. what is your favorite song? Sexy and I know it
15. what is your favorite movie? Toy Story
16. what is your favorite book? Pete the Cat
17. What is your favorite toy? I don't have a favorite toy
18. What is your favorite holiday? 4th of July
19. what is your favorite sport to play? Soccer and football
20. who's your favorite football team? Browns
21. who's your favorite baseball team? Indians
22. who's your favorite athlete? Michael Jordan
23. who's your favorite college team? Arizona Wildcats
23. what's your favorite number for your own sports jerseys? 6
24. do you have a girlfriend? Yep- Nora and Rylie
25. what do you want to be when you grow up? a football player