Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I feel like March came and went. My sister has been asking for a blog post, yet I sit here and think "what the heck happened last month that I can write about?"

As I look back on my calendar- I see birthday parties, girls nights, couples nights out, bowling... all your basic type things. Winter was still in full blast so we didn't venture out really anywhere exciting, but what we did do, basic living, was fun. We got together a few times with our friends Mike and Annmarie and Jimmy and Tanya as we are vacationing together this summer and want the kids to really bond prior. And have they been bonding. It's been fun to see them interact- and honestly am a little jealous as to how fast kids make friendships. It's so easy for them- carefree wonders. Although I do feel as I have gotten older and more comfortable in my skin and who I am, friendships have been coming easy as well. It's nice to not worry about things anymore. Popularity in high school fades away. We're all the same- we all want success, love, health and happiness. Life is too short to worry about things that don't matter. And frankly, no sense getting worry lines for things I cannot control.

I'm currently preparing myself for a girls weekend in Phoenix. Sean was away for a few ice fishing tournaments this winter, so this is a little bit of me time to make up for the fact that he was gone so much. I am going with three girlfriends and cannot wait to get away- 85* and sunshine awaits! I need to start packing, trying on summer clothes to make sure they fit before packing and need to do some last minute cleaning., laundry and grocery shopping so that I can make things easier for Sean while I'm away. Hunter is around most of the weekend to help- I think. I know he works on Saturday and possibly has a date on Friday, but other than that, an extra set of eyes is never a bad thing.

Hope to post pictures of my trip next. Until then...