Friday, September 23, 2011

Entertainment Unit Ordered

We did it. We finally ordered our new entertainment unit for our living room. I cannot wait for it to arrive. The new tv has been sitting in our dining room for a few weeks now so it will be nice when we can finally start using it.

We ordered this one after looking around a bit.

The funny thing is, as we were organizing our closet the other night, we came across the receipt for the furniture used for our basement. Wouldn't you know that the same tv stand is already in our basement? Well, it's the same brand and collection anyway, just a little bigger (so has the middle drawers):

And seen here in our basement:

In the basement we have the 60" console. We ordered for our living room, the 48 inch. So- if we ever move, we have one of each size for both living areas and if our future living room is ever larger, we simply can switch it out. So our living room would look like this:

I'm so excited! In other news, it's finally Friday! we have a busy weekend and one last trip to my IL's farm since they sold it and moved closer. Bittersweet- it's nice to have them close, but it would have been nice for our kids to experience the farm like Sean did growing up.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our basement- finally finished!

Our basement was a huge project for us. After building the house in 2004, we finally finished it in 2009. The project started in February 2009 and finished in September 2009 and we let it go for a while until we saved up some more funds to finish the bar area. At that time, with having Owen at a year old and Quinlin on the way, the bar wasn't a huge rush for us to do. So- we lived with the living area, an open area for the one day bar and a full bathroom. We finally decided to get moving on the bar in the spring and had cabinets, the sink and granite installed. All that was left was the stone front. And finally- 2 years after we finished the basement, the bar is complete and the basement is fully finished! I love it and am so excited to finally share the pictures. I was so excited that I took them on my cell phone, so not the greatest quality, but still sharable...I did take pictures along the way but can't find most of them.

this was when they were laying out the tile for the bar floor.

The stoned bar. I love it.

Looking at the bar from the living area. The back left is the bathroom. 

back cabinets

Looking at the living area from the bar

the granite countertops

the living area- complete with a crying Owen

 Shower in the bathroom

Crate and Barrel artwork

We have plenty of storage as well. Behind the wall with the artwork is a hidden closet to get to easy access for the wiring for the tv's, plumbing, etc. To the left is a storage closet under the stairs and next to that is a storage closet that houses all the toys (you can see in the picture above the kids toy box as well). around the corner from the closet is a small hall that leads to our unfinished area for storage and weights (for when Sean and Hunter work out) and then our stairs that lead up. Eventually I will frame pictures for that area, etc.

So- there it is. A work in progress over the last two years! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Well almost wordless. You want to know the fun things we did in our house on a Tuesday night? Organized the closet...

It started with finally having the realization that I have too many old clothes/ suits.. I started last Thursday pulling them off the hangers and getting them out...
This wasn't even all of it. When finished, we had 7 large garbage bags full of clothes.

I stressed and stressed as to how to organize, and finally we just dug in last night. It is nowhere near done, or perfect...but it's a start.

All my suit jackets in one spot... (I think I removed about 12 other jackets that I no longer wear)

Sean's clothes on the back wall. It only took 5 years to get his stuff situated instead of in a little section of the closet from when he first moved in. To the left is my suiting and long sleeve shirts. Bottom left is skirts and tanks. Back top is my sweaters and all of Sean's clothes and back bottom are all my short sleeve shirts. 
 To the right are all of my hanging pants and dresses- and of course, the wedding dress. Sean actually had the nerve to suggest I preserve my dress. Hello? No more Anniversary Tradition? I think not... silly boy. Also to the right is my new shelves for extra storage.
I will eventually move some extra towels and blankets on here since I have the space, but I wanted to put all my store bought goods on here. I obviously have a problem buying things when I have a coupon, and this just shows me we don't need soaps, deodorants, shampoos, etc for a long time. Before I had them hidden in drawers, so didn't really know what I had.  

And what is this?
My closet floor. Yay!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Recap

we had a good weekend!

Friday- Owen's second soccer game. I had to stay home with Quinlin so didn't get to see it. Owen played- until someone stole the ball and he was done. I told Sean to get video and pictures and I think he came back with one. If I can pull it off the video camera, I'll post it here. After soccer, Sean, Hunter and I had family movie night in the basement. X Men First Class- I hated it. the boys thought it was ok. At least my popcorn was good.

Saturday- Sean and his buddy Jimmy worked on getting the stone put on our bar so I took my MIL to her new house and unloaded a car load of stuff with her. The official move is mid week. I then took her to HH Gregg and helped her pick out her fridge, washer and dryer. It was also Saturday that I decided to drive with Sean's phone on top of my car... it flew off about a mile from my house. I had no idea until I was at the new house and he called me from his work cell and asked where his phone was...he was livid. well his mom and I searched and searched and found it. thank god he had a cover on it because that broke but the phone stayed in tact- minus the battery. no clue where the battery ended up but at least I had a spare from work and he has a working phone. ugh.

Sunday- football party. it was a great time. we had the bouncer going for the kids, the cornhole boards out, the game on the radio in the garage and it on both tvs in the house. nobody went to the basement though to watch on the big screen. must remember to move food downstairs for parties.
and because posts are always better with pictures...
At the ENT like a big boy for his routine ear/ tonsil check. 

Breaking out the new fall wardrobe. I bought her the cutest sweaters for this fall/ winter. 

Jimmy stoning the bar

My MIL entering her new house

New jammies that my parents bought Owen. 

The only pictures I took from our football party. Quinlin and her cousin out cruising. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Remember that scene in ET...

for my Wordless Wednesday edition...

Remember that scene in ET?

Look familiar?

Everyday I get Quinlin out of bed and she brings all her favorites down with her... Eeyore, ribbit (green frog lovey, ucky (yellow duck), anket (white soft blanket) and baby. I'm surprised Winnie the Pooh didn't make the cut today.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Our first soccer game

Owen had his first soccer game on Friday night. I remember complaining about him not being able to play soccer because the one league I saw had a birthday cutoff and he just missed the cut. Well- maybe there's a reason for the birthday cut off. Not sure if it was an off day, if he's too young, etc...but we weren't ready for soccer.

He enjoyed it at the beginning...

and liked picking out new balls to kick with.

 he ran and played a little bit...
 until he fell....
 But he got back up and kept going...
 and then he ran off the field...
At one point, he was goalie and was bored so just walked off... yep, he was done. He also took 2 pee breaks during the practice and the actual game...we'll see if next weekend he does better-one can only hope.

The rest of the weekend was just ok. Saturday- did nothing most of the day. We had a guy come to our door trying to sell us a kirby and cleaned our living room carpet as part of the demostration. No I will not pay $2000 for a vaccuum but my carpet looks fantastic and like brand new. It was so gross to see all the dirt that our vaccuum leaves behind. We then went to Home Depot, Marc's, Chick Fil A (love the play land there). Sunday- went to the Browns game. enough said.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday already?

Where did the week go? I didn't even have a chance to write about our weekend last weekend and it's already approaching the weekend today. So- quick Labor Day weekend update. Friday I went to my friend Vedrana's wedding. I believe there were about 500 people. It was Croatian- a ton of family and friends who all belonged to the same Church/ hall and it wasn't assigned seating. Yikes! We walked in and found a table by the bar and plopped ourselves down. We instantly made friends with the two couples who sat with us and had a fabulous time. I also ran into an old co-worker there and it was so nice to catch up with her.

Saturday Sean took the babies to the farm to spend time with his mom and help her pack for the big move. My sister came into town from Indiana so we ventured out for the day. We brought Hunter with us who was bored to death. Shopping not totally his cup of tea. My sister was looking for interview attire, so most of our day was spent at Limited, Express and Ann Taylor trying on suiting. At about hour 2, I gave him money and he went to the movies and saw Shark Night. At about hour 5, we were done. But- I got some really cute clothes as well- a few tops, 2 pairs of pants and some jewelery.

Sunday was a day of food shopping in the morning and then an engagement party for our friends Pat and Lisa. They live in Arizona and the wedding will be there next spring and Sean is the Best Man. It was so nice for me to finally meet Lisa. We are so happy for them. The party was a lot of fun, despite the weather.

Monday morning Sean went golfing and I got caught up around the house. We went to my parents that afternoon for a cookout and Owen was a holy terror. Not listening, pushing Quinlin, throwing things, etc. It was awful. It was a nice time but we couldn't get out of there fast enough. It always comes back to bite me when I mess with nap time.

The week went pretty fast at work. Lots to do and I did get a ton done. I'm hoping to finish a few projects today and organize my office and then be done for the weekend. Tonight- Owen starts soccer. We cannot wait. I stopped at the store yesterday to buy him soccer socks, shin guards and a ball. Bummer of it all? Sean left the video camera at his mom's. I am going to have to use our regular camera and hope we can get some decent videos.

The rest of the weekend looks to be low key. We were supposed to go out Saturday night but our sitter cancelled and then we have the football game on Sunday. Go Browns!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- Best Friends

hand in hand walking through HH Gregg last weekend. The cutest.thing.EVER.

(back to regular blogging tomorrow. I've been swamped.)