Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our basement- finally finished!

Our basement was a huge project for us. After building the house in 2004, we finally finished it in 2009. The project started in February 2009 and finished in September 2009 and we let it go for a while until we saved up some more funds to finish the bar area. At that time, with having Owen at a year old and Quinlin on the way, the bar wasn't a huge rush for us to do. So- we lived with the living area, an open area for the one day bar and a full bathroom. We finally decided to get moving on the bar in the spring and had cabinets, the sink and granite installed. All that was left was the stone front. And finally- 2 years after we finished the basement, the bar is complete and the basement is fully finished! I love it and am so excited to finally share the pictures. I was so excited that I took them on my cell phone, so not the greatest quality, but still sharable...I did take pictures along the way but can't find most of them.

this was when they were laying out the tile for the bar floor.

The stoned bar. I love it.

Looking at the bar from the living area. The back left is the bathroom. 

back cabinets

Looking at the living area from the bar

the granite countertops

the living area- complete with a crying Owen

 Shower in the bathroom

Crate and Barrel artwork

We have plenty of storage as well. Behind the wall with the artwork is a hidden closet to get to easy access for the wiring for the tv's, plumbing, etc. To the left is a storage closet under the stairs and next to that is a storage closet that houses all the toys (you can see in the picture above the kids toy box as well). around the corner from the closet is a small hall that leads to our unfinished area for storage and weights (for when Sean and Hunter work out) and then our stairs that lead up. Eventually I will frame pictures for that area, etc.

So- there it is. A work in progress over the last two years! 

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  1. It looks amazing Shannon! I love it!!! Hopefully one day we can sit at the bar and enjoy a glass of wine!