Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Recap

we had a good weekend!

Friday- Owen's second soccer game. I had to stay home with Quinlin so didn't get to see it. Owen played- until someone stole the ball and he was done. I told Sean to get video and pictures and I think he came back with one. If I can pull it off the video camera, I'll post it here. After soccer, Sean, Hunter and I had family movie night in the basement. X Men First Class- I hated it. the boys thought it was ok. At least my popcorn was good.

Saturday- Sean and his buddy Jimmy worked on getting the stone put on our bar so I took my MIL to her new house and unloaded a car load of stuff with her. The official move is mid week. I then took her to HH Gregg and helped her pick out her fridge, washer and dryer. It was also Saturday that I decided to drive with Sean's phone on top of my car... it flew off about a mile from my house. I had no idea until I was at the new house and he called me from his work cell and asked where his phone was...he was livid. well his mom and I searched and searched and found it. thank god he had a cover on it because that broke but the phone stayed in tact- minus the battery. no clue where the battery ended up but at least I had a spare from work and he has a working phone. ugh.

Sunday- football party. it was a great time. we had the bouncer going for the kids, the cornhole boards out, the game on the radio in the garage and it on both tvs in the house. nobody went to the basement though to watch on the big screen. must remember to move food downstairs for parties.
and because posts are always better with pictures...
At the ENT like a big boy for his routine ear/ tonsil check. 

Breaking out the new fall wardrobe. I bought her the cutest sweaters for this fall/ winter. 

Jimmy stoning the bar

My MIL entering her new house

New jammies that my parents bought Owen. 

The only pictures I took from our football party. Quinlin and her cousin out cruising. 

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  1. What cute kids! Sounds like a fun weekend. We also had soccer this weekend. Love watching the little people play.