Friday, September 23, 2011

Entertainment Unit Ordered

We did it. We finally ordered our new entertainment unit for our living room. I cannot wait for it to arrive. The new tv has been sitting in our dining room for a few weeks now so it will be nice when we can finally start using it.

We ordered this one after looking around a bit.

The funny thing is, as we were organizing our closet the other night, we came across the receipt for the furniture used for our basement. Wouldn't you know that the same tv stand is already in our basement? Well, it's the same brand and collection anyway, just a little bigger (so has the middle drawers):

And seen here in our basement:

In the basement we have the 60" console. We ordered for our living room, the 48 inch. So- if we ever move, we have one of each size for both living areas and if our future living room is ever larger, we simply can switch it out. So our living room would look like this:

I'm so excited! In other news, it's finally Friday! we have a busy weekend and one last trip to my IL's farm since they sold it and moved closer. Bittersweet- it's nice to have them close, but it would have been nice for our kids to experience the farm like Sean did growing up.

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  1. The entertainment unit looks great!! Hope you had a great weekend.