Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quinlin turns 7 months and Owen turns 2!

Lots of milestones happening in our household. First, Owen turned 2 years old! I say this with every age post, but I seriously dont know where the time has gone. I look at Owen and he no longer is a baby and yet, doesnt even feel like a toddler. He is a little boy! He is the sweetest, most loving, troublemaker ever. First the stats:

Weight- 27 pounds 15 ounces (50%)
Height- 35 inches (65%)
Head- I think she said 18? But it was 50%

When Owen was born, he started out tall and thin and then one day, he was short and chubby. it was nice to see his stats this time around and see that he has, not only thinned out, but has grown as well.

This past year has been full of excitement for Owen. He started walking, running, eating everything, playing outside, playing more independently, etc. He seems to say a new word everyday, words that I have no idea how he knows, it's hilarious. We can have full conversations now and I can understand what he wants. The tantrums have settled down as I think before he was more frustrated that we couldnt understand him. He loves to climb on everything, jump on everything, fall on everything. I have a feeling the emergency room will be one of our routine stops down the road. He loves to play, to cook, and to love. He loves to ask "why" to questions and when he gets the answer, he adorably says "oh". he loves to call your name over and over again and when you answer say "hi" and he loves to be loved. Owen- we have so much love for you- you make us so proud to be your parents!

Then there is Quinlin- 7 months old today. I need to take her monthly picture after work. Not too much happening developmentally for baby girl between last month and this month. She sits more- still a tripod like sit but she is getting stronger. She is very aware of her surroundings and always needs to be "in the know". I think she may have a future in hoppywood gossip! I like to refer to her lately as nosey nelly! The changing table, for example is in her room so if I need to change Owen or grab a diaper, I quietly sneak in there if she's sleeping. as soon as I walk in, she suddenly pops her head up to see what's going on.

Quinlin still is rolling like crazy. we place her on her blanket in the living room and find her completely off it, in a totally different direction. She loves to be on her tummy and lifts her arms and her butt but hasnt figured out how to do it all at once yet. I dont think crawling is too far off, but dont think she's really showing an interest yet. Owen didnt crawl until just before he turned a year, so I dont think anytime soon for Quinnygirl either. And- I certainly dont want to rush her. She's my last baby, I dont mind if she stays a baby a little while longer.

Hunter started cross country practice this week. I'm so glad. It gets him out of the house, gets him to see his friends, and gets him active again. Since his bout with pneumonia, he had a horrible summer so its nice to see him able to do things again. He didnt get to practice at all this summer though, so he's finding his times are pretty slow and he's behind the pack. I hope to see him show signs of improvement between last year and this year. we'll see.

And- to top everything off, sickness continues. First, Hunter with pneumonia in July. Then, Owen got croupe. Who was next? Sean... with strep. I have slept the past two nights on the couch so I can "attempt" to stay healthy. Sadly, I have gotten some fantastic sleep.
Cant have a birthday post without a picture. Here's Owen- at 2. Such a charmer!

More pictures to follow when I actually download them.

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