Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Who wants a sucker?

Lots of small updates. I finally have settled the debate on what I was doing for our bedding. After dragging my sister to 2 TJ Maxx stores, 2 Targets, 2 Kohl's, Macy's and Bed Bath and Beyond, I finally decided to go with the following for our new Bed:

I think it will be perfect- especially since it's even being shown with an upholstered bed. I ordered it yesterday using coupons and gift cards so will be stalking my front porch every day for the next 8 days! The only bummer was that I couldnt find the coverlet in king... hopeful it is made in that size and I can find it in the future. I didnt get to see the bedding in person at either Kohl's store but did get to see other Vera Wang sets so could tell the quality and feel to it will be great! fingers crossed I love it in person!
Hunter started up with cross country. Running like crazy (I think, or so he says). His first meet is on Saturday and I'm excited to watch! We got all his school supply shopping done as well (I also dragged my sister to Marc's for that as part of our shopping excursion) and I know he is ready to head back to school and see his buddies. He went to Cedar Point on Saturday with Evan and had a blast. A nice way to end off what a sucky summer it has been for him.

Quinlin is amazing (as usual). Seriously the best little thing ever. Her new thing is rolling everywhere and talking up a storm. We changed her schedule at daycare food wise and I'm loving the fact that she is now up to eating 3 meals a day. She wakes up now in the mornings when I wake her at 6:45am and she has 5 oz formula. At school they feed her rice cereal and a fruit for breakfast at 8:00am, she gets 5 oz formula and a vegetable at noon and she gets 5 oz formula at 4:00pm. I pick her up at about 5:45pm and feed her dinner at 6:00pm- usually cereal and a "dinner". We have had great success with apples and chicken and chicken and broccoli but she wants nothing to do with Gerber beef and mixed vegetables. Sean reminded me that Owen didnt like the beef meals either which made me laugh. They're so similar. At 8:30pm, she gets her last bottle of the day and is off to bed. I love it. Another new thing for her is using the mesh feeder. I forgot we had one so was excited for her to try fresh fruit. We've only tried nectarines so far...Bananas will be tonights treat!And then there is Owen. His favorite thing all summer has been to be outside, and he recently discovered the slide at the playground in our development. He begs to go on walks just to go to the playground.

So Owen transitioned yesterday to Toddler 2. Its a room of kids from 25 months to 36 months and he actually has been spending his mornings with the kids and teachers as Toddler 1 is combined until about 9am. So- when i picked him up from school yesterday, he came running to me said he pooped and got his diaper change. when they finished changing him, he kept asking for a sucker. I found out that the kids who poop/pee on the potty get a sucker and that he had been asking all day. So- I took him home and he kept asking for suckers, we kept telling him he needed to use the potty, etc, over and over. After going in his diaper, sitting on the potty a few times, playing and asking for suckers, we continued to keep trying. And- lo and behold- he pooped. We were so excited for him- singing/dancing/praising, high fiving! He got his sucker! And, wouldnt you know- before bed, he had to go again, so back to the potty he went and back came the singing and praising! I would love to be done with diapers, but I am realistic and know we are nowhere near ready. But- if I can encourage him even a little bit, I will continue to do so.

So- what did I do this morning? I made a quick trip to Target and came home with suckers!

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