Monday, August 9, 2010

more sickness/ decorating

well- Hunter has finally recovered from pneumonia and Owen now has the croupe. we cant seem to win in our household. We took Owen to the doctor yesterday for the croupe and he was put on medication. This after we had called after he got sick on July 30th, went to the doctor on August 3rd and then back on August 8th. He actually has his two year check up scheduled tomorrow where I will finally write my Happy 2nd birthday Owen post complete with stats and the fun things he has been up to.

The new thing that has consumed me is our plans for our new master bedroom. My office owns condos and so I inherited a Restoration Hardware upholstered king size bed. I'm very excited to now begin decorating! This is the bed:

This is my new inspiration and what I want to do with our bedroom.

Atleast the colors, etc. I am now obsessed with curtains and trying to figure out where to get them. I somehow came across designer Kenneth Brown and love the look of room 305 on his website think I found the comforter/duvet through Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn. Just now need to see what else I can find and make the look work. though- will I be kicking myself by getting white bedding and having small kids? two germ invested little ones? snotfest on my bed? yikes!

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