Friday, July 23, 2010

My Anniversary Tradition

When I got married three years ago, I purposely didn't preserve my dress with the hopes that every anniversary I could prance around my house in the dress and veil!

Here is Sean and I on our wedding day- 07/21/07. The day my dress made it's first official appearance. Such a gorgeous day- mid 70's and sunny.

Our first anniversary, I couldn't fit into my wedding dress as I looked like this. Do you see my toes?

Ha! Ok- seriously better picture. Taken closer to our anniversary 07/12/08:

The following year, our second anniversary 07/21/09. Owen was almost 1. Looking back, he looks so tiny! I seriously love my dress... I was so excited to fit into it- I was 14 weeks pregnant on our 2nd anniversary too!

I didnt have a I pretended.

Our 3rd anniversary just happened this week. 07/21/10. We celebrated by going to our usual dinner at Flemings- sat at the same table and everything. Came home and the festivities began! (warning- many pictures to follow):
Ahhh- relief. Two babies in three years and it still fits!

I love how small Quinlin looks next to the dress. I know it sounds cheesy and that my dress wont be in style by the time she gets married, but maybe one day she'll wear it?

Owen was quite obsessed with the veil....

Owen got bored with the whole dress thing and veil and decided to put on Hunter's basketball shoes... at least that is more manly?
And my pretty girl with her Daddy!

It was a great anniversary- up until the next morning when we realized we forgot to put our leftovers in the fridge. :(
Happy anniversary babe! Many more to follow!
I love my little tradition and am so glad I started it. It will be fun to look back through the years and watch us age, watch our kids grow and celebrate this special day! Not sure what I'll do if/when the dress doesn't fit anymore. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get to it, but hoping I never get to it!

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