Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back at it!

Well- my reign from working from home has ended. Back in the office today and I feel like I have so many things to update on! I will include some pictures on this post from my phone- need to update as well with pictures from my camera but have been too busy to sit and download them. So- will go in order of what we have been up to!

First- I started working from home on June 17th due to construction in my office. I certainly couldnt complain. I still took the kids to daycare mostly (paying for it anyway, and how do you get work done with 3 kids- 2 of whom are not self sufficient?)
Here is Owen's idea of helping! so cute!

The next day, Owen got very sick...not sure what happened but he was down and out for a good week. Good thing I was working from home too- I would have missed so much time from work. he ended up with a viral infection- after two pediatrician visits, he was finally on the mend with some antibiotics. He missed his cousin Grace's fun birthday party though. Quinlin enjoyed it!

Her first time in a kiddie pool! Grace turned one on June 20th and we celebrated that weekend. Chuck and Emily also announced that Grace was going to be a big sister!!! Baby is scheduled to arrive on February 27, 2011. So excited to have a new niece or nephew! and for my kids to have more cousins. So Sean stayed home with Owen during the party and Hunter was in Florida and his cruise to the Carribean, so I was the only one to enjoy their news! Doesnt Q look so cute in the pool? Owen was soon on the mend and off doing some of his favorite things- walks in the wagon and picking flowers! I just think this is the cutest picture. He looks so small in the field!
Owen was finally better and Hunter came home at the end of June. I felt like things were good. I made all sorts of fun plans with the kids. Playdates in the park:
Fun in the baby pool! This pic was actually taken on fourth of July. We were supposed to go to Sean's parents... but then Hunter got sick- acute pneumonia (though at the time we didnt know that was what he had). So we cancelled our plans and hung out at home. Best fourth of July ever. We spent the whole weekend doing nothing. Hanging out with our kids, cookout with our neighbors, and then watched the fireworks that night all hunched together by Owen's window. We loved it!
After July 4th always comes my birthday on the 7th! Here I am at 34- I'm suddenly starting to feel like I am looking old. Oh well. This is a picture I took and sent to Sean. I had to "dress" up a bit to mark the occasion. And- nothing is cuter than an almost 6th month old dressed up too!
I think she looks like a baby doll. My birthday was highlighted taking Hunter to the doctor- where we learned he had the pneumonia. He had a fever for a week and just felt miserable so I finally brought him in. I didnt think much of the cough- just that it was persistent. They put him on drugs and an inhaler and we were instructed to return in a week to see if he got better. We then went to Olive Garden for dinner (yum). I was craving a chicken and pasta dish and of course, the salad and breadsticks. We went with my parents. Hunter, bless his heart, said I'm sorry I ruined your birthday dinner. I said Hunter- you didnt ruin it, why would you think that? His response- because I kept coughing. Poor guy!Next up after my birthday...Mikeapalooza.

Ah- Mikeapalooza. This was the 2nd annual- we did it last year to celebrate our friend Mike's divorce and it was such a good time, we had to do it again. The day started with a golf scramble... the first time I have ever golfed 18. Here is my one, and only, picture from the day. Not sure why I didnt take more... me in the golf cart. I didnt do too badly actually and some of my balls actually got used. It was fun. but hot. After golf, we went to Mike's house for a party- bbq, cornhole, basketball, etc. Good times!

The last few days of my work from home ended with some trips to the zoo. Did Cleveland Zoo last week and then Akron's zoo on Monday. I had never been to Akron's zoo before- I found it much more toddler friendly and really enjoyed it, minus the slight rain.
Owen actually kept his poncho on. So cute! It had stopped raining by the time we did the outdoor exhibits and Quinlin just took it all in. More pics on the regular camera which I, again, need to download.
Lastly, Quinlin turned 6 months old on the 11th. I took her to the pediatricians on the 13th for her appointment. Some Q hightlights:
  • 17 lbs, 2 oz (75%)
  • 25 inches (25%)
so basically she is short and plump- cute look for a baby but apparantly I am feeding her too much. I dont think she looks too chubby- though she does have some pretty edible thighs... At 6 months, she's right on target developmentally- she rolls from all positions, she sits, she responds to her name (which the pediatrician said was more of a 9 month milestone).
Hunter came too for a follow up and still has pneumonia. They did chest x-rays and still saw the fluid/flem in his lungs. Poor guy. So- two more pills (an antibiotic and a steroid) and still the inhaler. He was supposed to leave for the Upper Peninsula today to visit his dad and grandman, and unfortunately, because of his illness, we cancelled the trip. Didnt make sense for him to go there and sit around all day while everyone else was enjoying all the fun activities (boating, hot tubbing, bon fires). He was devastated- and I was heartbroken for him.
Until next time...hopefully with more pictures...including some from Bon Jovi!

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  1. It sounds like you have been super busy lately! Your little girl is just precious, love her little dress!!!!