Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Recap- in pictures

Since I didn't really touch on Hunter's birthday, we will start with our weekend recap from Thursday! Thursday started bright and early with a trip to the ENT...

fluid in ears, no infection, but a lingering cough and runny nose landed this little guy back on antibiotics... ick. On a happy note, to celebrate Hunter's birthday, we got a babysitter for Owen and Quinlin and Sean and I, along with my parents, took Hunter to his restaurant of choice to celebrate.
Known for their burgers, exactly what Hunter ordered.

We came home and Hunter finished opening his gifts (though not much to open), a shirt from Gap, a gift card to Amazon, and private golf lessons.

Friday brought me a weekend alone with the kids as Sean travelled to Michigan to compete in an ice fishing tournament. Friday night, Hunter had 2 of his buddies over to celebrate his birthday. We had pizza and they gamed out in the basement. I purchased an ice cream cake on Thursday night which Sean put away. Not finding it in the freezer, I checked the fridge, and there it was all melted.  

The boys promptly started yelling at Sean over text about the soup cake.
 We managed to drink the eat the whole thing anyway...
The boys were good, minus me having to tell them to quiet down a bit, and minus my crate and barrel artwork falling off the wall during a game of basketball in the basement. Hunter had a nice time and then spent the rest of the weekend with his dad and grandparents. So- I decided to get a babysitter and went shopping with my friend Sawsan. It was fantastic to be able to get out and shop! We went to the mall and then out to dinner at Fridays and then to Famous Footwear and Kohl's. And- lo and behold, my baby girl now owns shoes!!!

I tried them on Sunday morning. Look at these legs!!!

I think Owen was jealous I didn't get him shoes too...

 He really kept trying to wear them, but they just wouldn't fit.

 So- he figured, if he can't wear them, she shouldn't either.
 But- he finally gave up...and she now owns shoes! I can finally stop obsessing over this.
Only problem is, she hasn't figured out how to walk in them... She is not liking them at all...maybe she'll be more of a purse girl.

Sunday night was supposed to be a girls dinner, but Sean got delayed in Michigan, so my plans got cancelled. Sawsan still came over and hung out with me as we waited for the guys to get home. Sean placed 22nd out of 150 teams- which was great, but payout went to the top 20 teams (boo). Maybe next year!

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