Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quinlin's First Birthday- her day in review (picture heavy)

We woke up and got dressed and played a bit in bed while Owen got ready for school
Then- realizing we had bed head, she was forced to wear a bow

then mommy decided to make it look silly
and when Hunter complained that she looked silly, mommy changed it

we posed for pictures
got in our coat

and drove to school.
We instantly started playing

After school, we came home and played some more while we waited for dinner.

Dinner was being prepped all day- french dip sandwiches

we played some more- mommy sure loves Quinny

we started to sing happy birthday

and then on to the cupcake...

the boys liked it too

on to bath time (what followed was the big poop incident of the day that I will spare you the details on)
checking messages for all the facebook birthday wishes

We played a bit on Owen's new big boy bed

and got tired and went to bed.

All in all- a great day! Not to start planning for the party this weekend.

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