Sunday, January 2, 2011


If you know me, you'd know that Beverly Hills 90210 is my favorite show of all time. We used to gather around the sorority house and watch it, I'd watch after I came home from college. Such memories watching 9-0 and then Melrose Place. 90210 was one of those shows that I have probably seen every episode- at least 10 times. Sean has now seen them just as much. Sad, I know. The new 90210 doesn't compare, though I am still hooked. Not quite sure why.

Shocking that Andrea...aka Gabrielle Carteris turned 50 today. Really, 50? I really getting that old? I guess she was 29 when she started, but sheesh. It's funny to look back on this and think- could any of them really get out of the 90210 shell? Besides a made for tv movie here and there, I dont think so. Good thing Brian Austin Green became relevant again on Desperate Housewives- and maybe for marrying Megan Fox...though she looks just awful lately.

Pretty Megan Fox...

not so pretty...

I digress.... happy birthday Andrea!

I think I must have a thing for childhood memories. My favorite movie of all time is from the 80's... my second favorite movie of all time is from 1986- Lucas- and the main character Corey Haim is now dead (though I guess I shouldn't feel too old since he died of drugs and not old age?)

I'll post more tomorrow about my week off, a bloggy friend meet up and sick children (of course).

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