Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekend Recap and the big Par-tay!

I had such a nice weekend- but was afraid it wouldn't start out that way. I got a call from daycare (go figure) that Owen had a temperature of 100.5 at around 11am. Just a warning call- but I knew it was coming. At about 3:45pm, I got the call saying to come grab him. I got there and he was just miserable- using Donna like a pillow while watching the other kids play. he was very whiny and said he was sick. I brought him home and attempted to comfort him and kept thinking- he couldnt possibly be sick, we just got off our antibiotics on Tuesday night. Well- I couldn't let his sickness stop me, so I left the babies with Sean and my sister, Hunter and I went shopping to get ready for the party. We bought all the items I needed at Giant Eagle and then zipped off to Target for party supplies. I had no theme, just wanted a nice party. Originally, I was going to do pink, green and purple for the decor, but went to target and found some really cute white and black damask patterened plates and napkins. Mix a little pink and perfect for my baby girl. After Target, we went to dinner at TGIFridays. I dont think we even got to eat until about 10pm. It was really nice hanging out with them together.

Saturday morning, I rushed Owen into the pediatrician's office after a rough night that night and he was confirmed to have Strep. Are you kidding me???? I couldn't believe it. So- he was put on zythromiacyn (sp) and he reassured me that he wouldn't be contagious and that I could continue on with my party. So- I brought Owen home and attempted to get things done for the party. I did text our invitees to let them know in case they weren't comfortable attending. I only had a few cancellations. My sister came over and started decorating for me and then that night we went to Hunter's basketball game. They won- again- and Hunter had a great game too. He didn't make any baskets but did have about 3 assists, a rebound and did have a few attempts. I was really proud of him.

Hunter and his Tia!

Sunday morning, Owen was feeling much better and I felt even better about going on with Quinlin's party!

First- the decor/set-up

The plates and napkins that became my inspiration

The cake and smash cake

Birthday girl was sleeping when the party began, but saw her guests and after coming off her initial shyness had a great time playing. We had invited a few close friends and their kids- Quinny turned into a hussy- all little boys to play with!!!

Time for cake! I stripped her down, but because of all the boys, told her to not show off her boo-beys too much!

Time for presents! Though Quinny girl had no interest in opening them

At the end of the day, she was zonked- which meant success!
Owen, on the other hand, couldnt get enough. Loved the balloons and her new blanket!


  1. Oh No! I hope everyone is 100% really soon!

    I love the cake...pink, white & blk!!

    Glad everything worked out in the end.

    Have a great day!

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!!! I love the damask print decor and the food spread. Looked amazing Mama!!!!