Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tell All Tuesday Jan 4

  • Well- it's the second day of the new year- work week and I am home now with a sick Quinlin. I cannot win. I went to the daycare to pick her up- Owen was home yesterday sick from school and thankfully my dad was able to watch him- and there she was getting her temperature taken. I couldn't believe it. I kept thinking- if only I would have picked her up 10 minutes earlier, she wouldn't have been banned from school today (24 hours). But- as a good parent- I will willingly keep her home (what choice do I have) and not infect the other babies. So- I scheduled her with an appointment this morning with her pediatrician. Since Owen's sickness is strep and a sinus infection- better to make sure Quinlin doesn't have anything more serious than a fever. My thought is maybe it's teething? she's getting her 4 upper teeth all at once.
  • Sean now is feeling like he may be getting strep. Lovely. I gave him his doctor's office phone number to call right at 8am when they open to try and get an appointment. Thank goodness I had my oral surgery last week and still am on the antibiotics that they gave me for that. I'm thinking I am protected...it's a stronger antibiotic than what Owen was even placed on.
  • Thank goodness I have such an understanding boss. I am working from home today and do not need to take a sick day/vacation day. He knew yesterday when I was in that owen was sick and since he has children, he understands that when it hits one, it tends to hit the others.
  • I hate Black Monday in the NFL. Brutal industry. Makes me sad.
  • Why is it that I can have a house full of toys, but all Quinlin wants to pick up and play with is either a food particle that Owen has dropped or garbage?
  • I cannot wait until naptime today so I can watch the Bachelor from last night. I read the spoilers- courtesy of Reality Steve- so I know the outcome, but I still cannot wait to watch. I should probably get some cleaning done today too- we'll see how much I can accomplish with a sick baby girl- who though sick is extremely active and getting into everything. 
  • My other mission today is to find bedding for Owen's full size bed. I think it's finally time to pull the crib mattress off the floor and give him a real bed to sleep in. I'd like him to pick it out- maybe he'll get more excited about it- though I'm almost afraid to see what he would pick. I think Sean wants to do a sports theme since he is very into sports. I dont want it to look cheesy though. Decisions, decisions....

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  1. Good luck finding bedding...shopping can be fun but when you've got something specific in mind, it can be tough!

    Hope everyone feels better soon!