Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Man Down

Well- I took Quinlin to the doctor yesterday and it was only teething. I felt like such a newbie parent because I brought her in, but with Owen on antibiotics now due to the sinus infection and strep and with Quinlin having the temperature of 101 the night before, I thought better be safe than sorry. So- teething was the diagnosis and I walked out with my tail between my legs. On my way out, I realized that I forgot to get her blood redrawn from when she had her 9 month check and tested slightly anemic so baby girl and I went to the blood lab. She was so good! They normally lay the babies down but someone had passed out so the table was being occupied so Quinlin and I sat in a chair and they prepped her arm and she was a champ! She didnt make one peep- just stared at the medical worker as he put the needle in her arm and drew her blood. I was so proud of her!

Also- to highlight- baby girl is 23 pounds. Holy cow! Though looking back in my records, when Owen was one, he was just slightly lighter. I had been guessing she was around that weight but it was confirmed. And- she's only 7 pounds less than Owen- yikes!

We came home to find that Sean had left work early and gone to the doctor's office as well and has now been diagnosed with strep. Lovely. Thank god I am on antibiotics from when I had my oral surgery last week as I am protected. So- Sean layed around the rest of the afternoon and milked his illness with all he had recovered.

On a good note- aside from my sickies at home- Owen went to bed last night- and STAYED in there! I was so excited! My first full night of sleep since Sean left for his fishing trip in December. He tried to stay up longer- dragging out bedtime with "I'm hungry" or "I'm thirsty" or "I cant find binky" but I tucked him in and left his room. He came down the hall and Sean told him to get to bed- and he did. We didnt see him again until this morning when we had to wake him up for school. Yay Owen!!!!

And- the Buckeyes won- Hunter lasted until 11:30 watching it and conked out just until the end. I hate that these bowl games are on a weeknight. Luckily- he packed his lunch and laid his clothes out, so he didnt have to set his alarm until 7am to get a little bit more sleep. Hopefully he'll go to bed early tonight to recover.

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