Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Recap

Fairly low key weekend. I have been moreso referring to us as losers lately. we literally do nothing- but I guess that's what you get when you have two under two. Friday night we stayed in. I can't even remember what we did really- as sad as that sounds. Hunter slept over his friend Michael's house so I didnt even see him all day.

Saturday was a day of me and the kids. Sean went ice fishing for the day so I attempted to take the kids shopping. My plan was Target and then the mall (poor Quinlin still has no shoes). So- we got to Target and Owen decided he's a big boy and wanted to walk everywhere. So- he toddled along with Hunter as I pushed Quinlin around. First stop toy department to get a birthday gift for our neighbor Adam. Owen started picking out everything that was balls. He came walking to me wanting this
Um no...

we ended up getting Adam the Little People Airport

They had it on clearance for $19.99 so I bought one for my niece Grace too as she loves little people. By the time I had the toys picked out, we had been at Target for over an hour. I attempted to look for shoes but meltdown city happened. So- there I was- that mom- who had the crying kid in the cart that everyone was looking at. We rushed out of there and Hunter fed her in the backseat of the car. Needless to say, we skipped the mall. We came home, kids ate lunch and napped and waited for Sean to get home. He finally did around 5:15 and we were at our neighbors at 5:30 for the party. Late but there. We rushed out at 6:30 to get Hunter to his basketball game.

I dont know what is better... last year, Hunter was on a team that lost every game. This year, his team looks pretty stacked... some of the kids are on the school team and others play travel ball as well.

The final score

It's nice to be on the winning side of things. Hunter didn't get the ball at all though- and I think 3 of those 8 fouls were on him- oops. He's a defensive player through and through.

On Sunday- we road tripped it to Sean's parents house. we drove seperately as he needed to bring his truck down along with a buddy. So- at stop lights, I would send him pics of us so he would remember who we were...

We were only at his parents for a few hours but it was a nice little visit. We came home and set up Owen's new bed and then I rushed around doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen and just prepping for the new work week. Too hard to do trips like that on a sunday! I didnt even make it to the grovery store (I hope Hunter brought lunch money...)

On to the new bed- yippee!!! He is such a big boy baby is really a little boy. Reality set in as we saw him in it this morning.

Owen playing with the tools as we started taking things apart

bye bye crib
 Sean looks thrilled
 Owen- more thrilled
 all put together! I had debated on bedding and we decided- at least for now- that he can use our old bedding.
 He loves it! This was just as he was going to bed.
 and this morning- I couldnt wake him up
 sound asleep
 such a big boy  ((tear))
I will say that I am so happy with our crib purchase. It's the Munire Majestic... really will be our furniture as he grows up...

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  1. such a big boy! glad he like his new bed.. cute lil snoozer!