Wednesday, January 19, 2011


If you know me, you'll know I rarely buy anything for myself. I always tend to buy for my children but I guess try to live pretty frugally. With two kids in daycare costing us about $1400/month, we just don't have the extra play money that we may want. Plus- I always tend to go shopping when I have the money to spend and never find anything. I always tend to see everything I want when I don't have the money. Murphy's Law- right? Or- I'll buy items and they look awful on me so return they go. I just returned 2 pairs of Nine West boots I got through an awesome sale because they just didn't look right and a sweater from Old Navy because I felt frumpy.

So- on Monday- I met my sister out for some lunch and shopping. I brought the babies to daycare and Hunter and I met her at the Cheesecake Factory. I had a really good shrimp pasta and Hunter a cheeseburger (go figure) and my sister got salmon. We were all too full for the cheesecake. We went to the mall right afterwards and immediately I started not feeling well. We looked at Nordstrom's nothing. Looked at Limited- nothing. Express- nothing. Again, not feeling well, I was ready to call it a day. Until I saw the 40% off everything sign at Ann Taylor. I started feeling a little better so decided to go in. I got two really cute cashmere sweaters for only $42 each. So excited... And- they were a light pink and a light grey. I tend to wear a ton of black- and also grey- but I was proud of myself for even looking at different colors. We then went to Banana Republic because again we saw a sale sign. Hunter wanted to go into Banana as well as a jacket he got from his dad had the same label. I found the cutest green (yes green) sweater and had to have it- again- only $40. yay! I also got Hunter a shirt that he liked. So funny that he and I are now shopping at the same stores. When did that happen!

My sister found a sweater that day too. It was so nice spending all the time with her this weekend. I wish she lived closer so we could do those things more often, and also so she could see my kids more. It's nice that, as different as we are, we're more the same than we may think (though still quite different). haha.

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