Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Quinlin- our year in review!

Oh my goodness- my baby girl is 1 years old. I cannot believe it! I don't even know where to begin with this post. Quinlin's pregnancy was a scary one for us. We were diagnosed with an SUA (single umbilical artery) during our routine 20 week anatomy scan. A normal pregnancy results in the umbilical cord having two arteries and one vein. Ours only had one artery, one vein. This can be a marker for down's syndrome. So- we walked out of our appointment very uneasy if we had a healthy baby girl or not. We chose not to have any additional testing done- we were having her no matter what, and loving her just the same. We did have a follow up with a pediatric heart specialist and had a fetal echo done. For the most part it looked normal- so with that news- in addition to the news of the rest of her anatomy scan being "normal" we spent the remaining weeks of our pregnancy optimistic.

On Aug 24th- the day of our anatomy scan, I sent out the following email to my close girlfriends:

"Good news and bad news… it’s a girl. They did notice she has a single umbilical artery- most babies have two arteries and one vein in the umbilical cord- she only has one artery. Everything else checked out good with the problems associated with SUA such as kidney and heart defects. So- we’ll go to a pediatric cardiologist and get an echocardiogram done in a few weeks and then will be monitored more closely throughout the pregnancy. So- fingers crossed everything will be ok for her. It’s pretty scary and I’m a little freaked, but I’ll address my questions and concerns with the doctor when I go back in September. We did some research this morning after coming home and found this sight that seemed pretty explanatory…


so- we’ll see what happens. Kind of sad that it takes the excitement away from having a daughter as I just want her to be healthy…"

It's neat to look back on it now and know what a perfect little girl I have!

Also- in reminiscing, I thought it would be fun to look back on Quinlin's birth story...I posted this a year ago to my "internet friends"...

"hi everyone! i finally have a moment to check in and am trying to get caught up. Figured I'd finally post Quinlin's story. May be long. skip if bored...

went to the hospital sunday night at 8pm for induction. I was told that they would give me cervadil for 12 hours, then start the pitocin, so was prepared for a long night. I tried to rest and relax sunday during the day, but it didnt really work. I was so nervous the whole day. anyway- we got to the hospital at 8pm and had the cervadil put in at 9:15pm. Cervadil is to soften the cervix to allow the labor process to start and to thin you out. Because of my history of fast labors, they told me I could get the epidural whenever I wanted. It didnt matter how dilated I was (remember with Owen, I got the epirual with 0 dilation). I got to the hospital and was at 1.5 cm dilation and was 50% thinned out. The cervadil started bringing on contractions but nothing strong. At 11:15pm, I decided to get the epidural placed but without the medicine. That way, it wouldnt be painful later trying to sit through contractions being perfectly still getting the epidural. Just as the epidural was getting placed, I was feeling really lightheaded. I seriously thought I was going to faint. I laid back in the bed and the room started spinning. I was so dizzy and so scared because I never had that happen before. remember- I had no medicine in me- just the placement of it, so they thought that my blood pressure being really low is what caused it. It lasted for about 30 minutes and I had an oxygen mask on me, etc to try and get me "right". At 3:15am, the contractions were coming on stronger, so I opted to get the epidural at that time. I was about 2 cm. The rest of the night was pretty non existent. Sean slept, I laid there, bored. The cervadil came out at 8:15am and they said they wanted to wait until about 9:15am until they atarted to give me the pitocin. They wanted to see what kind of effects the cervadil did and if it kick started labor more than just thinning me out. At that time, I started feeling contractions, even though I had the epidural. just felt like pressure and cramps, but I knew it wasnt right because when I had Owen, I didnt feel a thing. I mentioned it to the nurse and she said when the pain got bad, to let her know and they would give me another dose). I couldnt tell how bad it was getting, but I mentioned that it was starting to get more painful. they started the pitocin and I could feel everything. I mentioned to sean, called the nurse and she attempted to give me some pain meds. Then, all of a sudden as I laid there, I heard and felt this enormous pop. Felt like I got punched and the windknocked out of me. I started crying instantly I was in so much pain. It was my water breaking and me dilating. The nurse came in to check me and I went from 2cm to 5cm. She left the room to get the house doc and call my doctor and the anesthesiologist. i was crying so hard at this point from the pain- could feel everything. They came back in and said I went from 5-10 (basically 2-10 because I was hardly at 5cm) and that the baby was already crowning and it was time to push. I was so freaked out at this point because of the pain and how fast it was all happening. They had called my doctor at the 5 cm mark so she could make it in but I knew there was no way I could wait for her. So, 2 pushes later (just like Owen), Quinlin was born. One push for her head, one for her body. worst pain ever but I'm lucky it was so fast. The nice thing about Fairview was that they do kangaroo care right away. So- the instant she was born, she was placed on my chest, slightly cleaned and diapered all while on me. She didnt really cry as it's supposed to be more calming for them. She spent an hour on me before they took her for all her measurements and statistics. I really enjoyed it as when I had Owen, he was wisked away right away.
So- that's Quinlin's birth story. We had her on Monday, 01/11/10 at 10:11am. We left the hospital at about 2pm on Tuesday. Shortest hospital stay I have ever had with any of the previous births. We were so ready to come home. owen missed us like crazy. He would constantly go into our room and look for me and sit on our bed saying Mama. Heartbreaking.
She is doing really well. She was born at 7 lbs, 6 oz, left the hospital at 7 lbs, 2 oz and is now 6 lbs, 14 oz. She is the tiniest little thing- so petite compared to what Owen was. Her 2 vessle cord didnt turn out to be an issue. I was so worried because we didnt do any additional testings, so it was such a relief to see her and see her be completely healthy. The nice thing also about Fairview is that they do free cord blood banking that if you donate, you have access to the bank if you or your immediate family ever needs it. I was worried with her cord that they wouldnt accept her cord blood, but all was perfect.
She has her days and nights mixed up, so we're dealing with that, but really, the hardest transition has been Owen. He wants a lot of attention and is constantly looking at her like why wont she go away.
It's weird to call her Quinlin now and not Guacky. Assuming you all got the Guacky connection- QOC- Quock, rhymes with Guack... we didnt want to call her Quacky, becuase people would have been able to guess more of a Q initial as there arent that many Q names.
So- that's our story. Worst pain I ever felt. She is definitly my last child- I will never go through that again. (If I didnt have Owen and Hunter and she was my first, she would have been an only child). We feel truly blessed."

I still remember it like it was yesterday. Hard to believe that a year has passed!

8 week ultrasound
29 week ultrasound

Day of induction- 39 weeks
Owen looked like such a chub- 17 months old

Kangaroo care

Quinlin at 1 Month

Quinlin- 2 1/2 months old

Quinlin- 4 months old

Quinlin- 6 months old

Quinlin- 7 months old-

Quinlin- 8 months old 9/11/10

Quinlin- 10 months old

Quinlin- 1 year old 01/11/11

  • At one year old, we are "almost" walking! She furniture walks like a champ and has such a strong core. She stands up on her own, bends over to pick things up, stands and plays with toys. I'm just waiting for her to get the confidence to walk not holding onto anything. She furniture walks, walks holding onto hands, and can walk holding on to one hand. She's getting there- I think this "may" be our month! Hunter walked at 18 months, Owen at 14/ almost 15 months and I really think she'll get there at 12 maybe 13 months.
  • Quinlin is weighing 23 pounds. I take her to the doctor next week so will have her exact measurements then.
  • At 1 year, we have our two bottom teeth and top left tooth along with the tooth next to it. The top right, along with the tooth next to that are just waiting to pop through.
  • She is in size 4 diapers, size 12-18 month clothing and my guess is size 3 shoes? Poor baby girl is shoeless...by the time I get her her first pair, she'll be ready for these
  • At one year, we can wave hi and bye, blow kisses, say mama, dada, Owen, and hi. She says roof roof when you ask what a doggie says and moo when you ask about a cow. She even says cheese when I get the camera out. She repeats so much that I feel like she says more, but she doesnt really know what she's saying.
  • At one year, she walks up the stairs but we dont venture down. She also is very careful to not climb the stairs unless someone is with her. She loves to crawl around our bottom floor and wait at the bottom of the stairs for someone to follow her. She turns around, sees you, laughs and starts to climb.
  • She loves to wrestle with her brothers and play with Owen's toys... I'm seeing tomboy?
  • She loves to be loved. Cuddling with daddy is among her favorite activities and she really lights up when Sean walks into the room. Instantly her arms reach out for him.
She is such a blessing- we love her so much. She is seriously the sweetest, most easy going, happiest baby I have ever seen and I feel so fortunate to be able to say she is ours!


  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Quinlan!!! It was so nice to read your story Shannon, I feel like I never knew this part of you since we met when Quinny was around 6 months. It was so nice to hear how your pregnancy and birth went although it sounds like you had some scary moments!!!! She is just a doll, I hope she has a great day and a great first birthday party!


  2. I am with Karen! Thanks for sharing. God bless you & your beautiful baby girl- Happy Birthday to Quinlan!

  3. Happy birthday, Quinlin!! She is so adorable and such a blessing!! Logan told me he has a crush on her and likes older women.

  4. Thanks ladies! Gia- Quinlin is available... though her daddy will put Logan through some serious testing. Maybe we should set up a playdate????

  5. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! It took us forever to get shoes for GG now she loves them and almost has as many pairs as I do!

    Love the year in review...so neat!

  6. what an awesome post! i didn't know about any of your scary pregnancy stuff or about your scary labor and delivery! thanks so much for sharing and happy happy birthday to that sweet lil girl of yours!