Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quinlin- 1 year stats and more sickies

Well Quinlin got kicked out of daycare on Tuesday for a fever...why wouldn't she? Owen got kicked out on Friday... I cant win. As I noted, Owen had strep. So- off I went to the doctor's office with my 3 children. Luckily Quinlin had her one year well visit so I brought along Hunter who was complaining of a sore throat and Owen. Luckily Hunter tested negative for strep- though she did say he sounded weezy so back to the inhaler he goes. Owen is just Owen... I guess we'll see how he's doing once he goes off his antibiotics- which is today.

Aside from being diagnosed with a double ear infection- Quinlin is doing great. 23 pounds, 4 oz (81%) and 29 inches (50%). I may be "slightly" over feeding her. Time to officially wean her off the formula and onto the milk. I dont remember how I did it with Owen, but for some reason, cant figure out how to get Quinlin not to expect a morning bottle when she first wakes up. She takes a sippy just fine, so I am going to see how she does if I get her ready in the morning with the sippy of milk... it would be nice to clear out my cabinet space of all of the bottles I have. Any advice? I did send her to school this morning with two bottles but told them to only feed in case of just give her milk and water in a sippy with her meals so we'll see what happens.

Other than that, she seems to be on track with how she's developing. I'm waiting for her to start walking still and she seems to be getting more confident all the time. She sits to standing, to bending over to grab a toy, to playing with said toy standing, so we'll see. The doctor said she'd see us again at 15 months...but we all know the truth. I'm sure I'll be back in a week with one my sick children because I can't seem to win.

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