Friday, January 14, 2011

Getting Busy!

Holy cow Hollywood. In addition to all the engagement announcements after the holidays there are a ton of pregnancy announcements. It seems like everyday someone knew is announcing some news. It's so crazy!

Selma Blair (I didnt even know she was dating anyone since her divorce),Kevin James' third, Khloe Kardashian (though not sure if this is just another rumor or the truth), Owen Wilson, Then- Kate Hudson announces the next day- ironic, Natalie Portman, Tia Mowry. I'm sure I'm missing someone. I check my daily gossip sites and was amazed at all the announcements...

Lots of babies! Those famous folk sure are busy! And speaking of busy- time for me to get on this party planning for baby girl. Party is sunday and I haven't done a thing. Well- I lied. I ordered her cake and pumpernickel bread. Hopefully between today and tomorrow, I can get my house cleaned and the party planned. Yikes!

Here is the invite we sent. I had some guilt as I am so behind in planning mode, that I didnt know if we should do paper invites or evites. I opted with paper. I was really excited with how they turned out. Now if only her small little party will be just as good.
And since it's Friday- here's my edition of tv talk of what I watched for the week:
  • Modern Family- last week's episode with James Franco. Any episode is good when the sole focus is on Cam and Mitchell. Love them!
  • Desperate Housewives- interesting twist to have Zach show up at the end as the flower delivery man. I wonder what the storyline is on that one...
  • The Bachelor- no new thoughts. I still get sucked in
  • Grey's Anatomy- I fell asleep. shows either how boring the episode was or how tired I was.
  • Teen Mom 2- holy cow! My guilty pleasure is back with all new girls. Jenelle- a hot mess. Total train wreck. I wanted to punch her in the face the way she talked to her mother. Her mom is over bearing but oh my goodness, the way Jenelle spoke to her, threatened her, etc... I just feel bad for Jace. I love Chelsea- or maybe I just love her dad. He's such a great influence on her- and I love his advice and words of support. Leah and Corey are great. I read the spoilers so I know how they are doing. Will be fun to watch. I dont care for Kailyn or her storyline- boring.
and- just so I dont forget... Sean was tucking Owen into bed last night and they were laying together, facing each other.
Sean:  "I love you Owen"
Owen: "Owen and daddy- best friends"

melts my heart. have a great weekend!


  1. Since I am outta the TV look (other than DAYS & the news!) I can't comment on any of those shows:)

    I love the invite. That picture is precious.....
    Sweet sweet words from Owen ♥

    Happy Friday Girlie!!

  2. I love the invite Shannon! Adorable picture of Quinlan.

    My thoughts....
    The Bachelor is just so awesome, I love that I have been watching this show for 10 years and I still get sucked in every time. It's great TV to say the least.

    Jeff and I love Modern Family, it's always the first show Jeff and I always want to watch when we go through our DVR. Did you see the episode when that guy was living in Lilly's princess house??? LMAO!!!! That was a classic episode. Such a great show.

    I really need to start watching Desperate Housewives again, especially now with Brian Austin Green back on.

    Have a great weekend and a great party!!


  3. owen and daddy.. best friends. omgoodness.. that is the sweetest thing EVER!