Friday, January 7, 2011

Our night in review...

I got a text message from Hunter yesterday (and I think he texted because he was afraid to call) to tell me that he all of a sudden realized he had a project due for school and he forgot about it. Poor little dude started his homework at 3:30pm...

This is how he was when I got home... still smiling...
 working hard...
trying to concentrate
He finished at 11pm... the last part of his project was a brain teaser that took forever. I tried to help him- but realized I need to go back to eighth grade... I think I have lost a few brain cells since I graduated from college.

While Hunter worked on his homework, Quinnygirl ate dinner

helped unload the dishwasher

took a bath and then hungout in the kitchen while I cleaned some more
and then went to bed.

She awoke this morning in a great mood

But you know who was in a better mood? This little guy...

I promised my sister more pics of Hunter and Quinlin- but I couldn't resist the dancing machine at 7:15 this morning. He was a riot.

No pictures of Hunter from this morning... I think he had some bags under his eyes. Thank goodness we skipped basketball practice so he could get his homework done. Lesson learned- dont save things for the last minute.

So glad it's Friday. It's my half birthday- happy half birthday to me, happy half birthday to me... :)

Real quick- tv talk (what I watched this week)
  • Desperate Housewives- why couldnt they just kill Paul Young already? I'm so sick of him... curious to see where the storyline plays out now that he knows about his wife. I also would like to say that I want Eva Longoria's hair...
  • The Bachelor... I can't resist. Every season I get sucked in. I read realitysteve so I know the ending, but I still must watch. Hello boobs and weirdos on this season. And fang girl? Not sure why he kept her. I also cannot figure out Chantel O's ex-husband and it's killing me. I really like Emily- tragic past. Hooked.
  • 16 & Pregnant- where are they now. I love that they did a recap of the girls who were never featured on Teen Mom... nice to see where thier lives have ended up. Some of them seem to really have things under control.
  • Grey's Anatomy- episode was ok. Slightly predictable as even Sean was half watching and said "I bet Christina comes out of the ambulance" and sure enough, he was right. That's another show I can't give up on.
I think, sadly, that is all I watched. I seem to get one show a night (or have time for, let's say). I wanted to watch Modern Family (dvr'd) with Hunter last night (we love that show) but the homework consumed him and I didnt want to watch without him.

No big plans for the weekend. Sean is ice fishing tomorrow and I think we're going to his parents on Sunday to pick up Owen's full size mattress... I'm still on a bedding/ room decor hunt. If you have any ideas...send them my way.


  1. Oh, poor fella!! That's a lot of hours! I hate those projects and hrs of homework!! Once again, yet another reason I miss homeschooling:) It's strange how my middle schooler has TONS and my high schooler never has any.

    Cute pics:)

    Happy Friday!

  2. i totally get the brain cell thing...i can't ever help the oldest w/his hw. thank goodness hubs kept his brain cells haha

  3. Oh we have been there with the homework and project thing. The worst was when Jamie took out her flashdrive as it was saving. And her project was gone.

    And you seriously have the most adorable kids ever.

  4. i am amazed at how organized his space looks. my children need a better place to study!

  5. I'm not looking fwd to the HW stage. Luckily I still have a few years before having to worry about that.

    That's a cute pic of Quinlin helping with the dishes.

    I love the Bachelor! It's really the only show I watch religiously. I can't wait to see how this season plays out. I'm tempted to read Reality Steve, but I kinda like the suspense. HA!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Oh wow! My daughter just did the exact same thing Hunter did. We were up until 11 Thursday finishing up her project. Ugh... But hey, it's done now and we're hoping not to "forget" next time. :)

    Quinlin is such a cutie pie! ♡ I'm followin' ya...

  7. love owen's dance moves, and his mid-vid 'cheeser'.. reminds me of ashlyn!

    ps.. fang girl is very creepy and i could do w/o paul, too. we watch the same stuff it seems (modern family is our fave!). love your quick tv reviews!