Friday, January 21, 2011

Am I psychic?

Remember what I posted yesterday? This...

well- I think I must be psychic... I was just at the doctor Saturday with Owen, Tuesday with Quinlin and then I picked the two of them up from school yesterday and sick again were we. I went to Owen's room first and they said he was crying all afternoon that his ear hurt. And- he did look miserable. Ok- I thought- no biggie...we put ear drops in if he has something. Off to Quinlin's room I went. Her teacher Karen warned me "she looks awful". I took one look and saw it right away. Her eyes were incredibly goopy. They couldn't "kick her out" because she was on antibiotics but she was a mess.

I brought them home and called the doctors office. Too late in the day to get an appointment, I was hoping they would just call in some drops for them. No such luck- they needed to be seen. So- I arranged for my parents to come over for part of the day and I brought them in this morning at 9:45 before heading to work.

Quinlin was a tough one... because she is possibly allergic to amoxicilan, they put her on a z-pack for her double ear infection. When he looked at her today, her ears were still in full blown infection, so it wasn't working at all. She also had the crusty eyes (poor little girl couldn't even open her eyes this morning they were so glued shut). So- after much debate, we're trying her on a different medication- a cousin to amoxicilan. I'm kind of nervous though as he said "If she has difficulty breathing, get her to the emergency room. If she has a rash- have her come see me. and lastly- a common side effect is red stools". Yikes! So- she's on this new medication now and we'll just monitor her.

Owen's ears were fine. Not sure why he was complaining. At least its the weekend. Maybe I can take Saturday and Sunday to help them recoup away from the germs at daycare. So- aside from the illnesses, my week went fast and there wasn't much time for TV. I did get to watch a few of my top shows though...
  • Bachelor- I hate Michelle. She's psycho...what I don't understand is why Brad never tells her to stop being rude and interrupting. and- why he always goes to her when she does interrupt. Ick.
  • Teen Mom 2- I'm glad Jenelle caved a bit. I still hate her. I love Corey and Leah and cried with her as the baby was being checked out. I hate Kailyn- boring. and yeah- I would be pissed too if she started dating someone yet was still living in my house? go away!
  • Modern Family- this week's episode was total laugh out loud funny. Kids caught Claire and Phil in bed. Hilarious... and an episode I wouldn't let Hunter watch. The kids totally made the episode what it was too. still laughing.
That's it. Lets hope for healthy vibes this weekend!

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