Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tell All Tuesday

My random thoughts for this Tuesday
  • I went shopping this weekend. Totally disappointed in some of my favorite stores... I really need a personal shopper- or I guess someone to tell me what would look cute on because just looking on a hanger makes me have no interest in some of the items out there
  • And speaking of shopping... I have no urge to buy cute tank tops and short sleeve shirts when its so cold outside. If there is still snow on the ground, I think they should still be selling sweaters... though- I dont want matronly looking sweaters... Limited was highly disappointing (back to point 1)
  • I need to start writing down Owen's funny responses...
    • Me- "Owen- why are you coughing?"
    • O- "Because I need to"
  • I need to travel for work...by myself...to another country. Yikes! But- I've already started plotting my adventure and talking to some peers so should be ok- and not truly alone.
  • My girlfriend was complaining about not being able to sleep while her husband was out of town this weekend. Am I a bad wife when I say that I slept great? And- both babies slept in all weekend as well which made my sleep even better.
  • I need to get back into the swing of things cooking wise. I didn't have to cook for about 4 or 5 days and then forgot to thaw some food out for yesterdays dinner. Luckily chicken is defrosting as we speak.
  • I am so ready for the Super Bowl to be over... no reason my local grocery store is selling Steelers cookie cakes. Blach... root for your home team darnit. Go Browns!
  • And to end my post with cute pictures... check out the crazy hair of my two crazies from bathtime...

my kids crack me up... :)

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