Thursday, February 24, 2011

What he's learning at school

I love picking up the babies at school and seeing all the new things they are learning. Owen can, most of the time, count to 20, tell you all his colors and FINALLY say the ABC's. I was wondering if he was learning those (I knew he was) but didn't know if he was even paying attention. Last night we were singing his favorite songs (bringing home a baby bumble bee and take me out to the ball game) and all of a sudden he finally started singing the ABC's. We did it a couple of times too where we would take turns and I would stop and he would need to continue with what letter we left off. He gets it!

And- I just had to share the cutest little art project he did while learning the color pink.

So creative. I love picking him up and seeing the new projects being sent home with him. I try to save the really cute ones- this one may need to be a keeper!

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