Friday, February 4, 2011

Dear Owen- 2 1/2 years old (and then random rumblings)


I cannot believe my baby boy is 2 1/2.... He really seems to be growing up so quickly. One minute he's a baby, and the next a little boy really running around everywhere. Independent, stubborn, funny...
  • Owen is wearing size 2T and 3T shirts, mostly 3T, and 2T pants.
  • Still in a size 4 diaper (sad that he and Quinlin wear the same size)
  • 30 pounds... I need to get his height checked but he is pretty average with the other kids in school. He used to be such a chunker and now all of a sudden is looking pretty slim.
  • Size 6 shoes and size 7 boots.
  • Owen loves all things sports... but especially basketball and football. He has been known to take play food at daycare (aka the dinner roll) and say "Hey Roddy- catch the ball" and toss it like a football. Roddy has also taught him hockey- a newfound love of Owen's. He also is loving basketball more and more- especially since Hunter plays in a league. Every saturday night, upon returning from Hunter's game, Owen rushes to his hoop and begins to practice his shooting and dribbling.
  • Owen loves to talk...and talk and talk. He loves to answer questions with "because I had to, because I needed to" responses. It's cute to see his brain working. He wanted candy the other day and saw the halloween bin at the very top of our pantry. "Mama, candy" he demanded. "No Owen". Why?"I then explained that it was empty. He looked at me, cocked his head to the side and said "too high"?
  • Between 2 and 2 1/2 brought the change from toddler to little boy in our dealings with Climbing out of the crib and the dreaded crib transition. But- ever since we moved to the full size bed, he has been sleeping like a charm. Naptime on weekends can be a little rough sometimes, but I have learned to let him play with a toy quietly in bed and eventually he falls asleep.
  • At 2 1/2, he still loves to play outside and hates that it is so cold to be able to do so. We came home from school the other day and Sean was out snowblowing. He instantly came inside, found his snowpants and hat and wanted to go outside as well. I got him all bundled up, only for him to change his mind because he was hungry. At least he's eating!
  • At 2 1/2, he lights up when he sees Quinlin. He loves to wake her up in the mornings by going into her room "Hi Quinny" though more pronounced like "hi Kinny" and in the car if he cant see her face he starts yelling "Kinny, wake up!" He loves to play with her, though at times, may accidentally get too rough which results in tears and an instant "I'm sorry Kinny" promptly followed by a kiss!
  • Best friends- Nora, Roddy, Nicholas and Adam... Nora is the biter and I know they will get married. It is a total love/hate relationship. Out of the blue, in the car, he'll say "No bite Nora" when she's not even with us. Or- he'll say "No Nora, my toy" when she's nowhere around. He thinks about her all the time. Yet- he loves her... and hugs her...and instantly wants to find her to play.
  • still no real interest in getting out of diapers. I'm hoping that will change soon...I'm also hoping that our good friend Binky, who we see only at night time, disappears soon as well.
  • favorite foods- pizza and tacos. Still not really into chicken- unless it's nuggets.
  • favorite toys- anything sports, lamby (of course), the black and decker tool shop, and anything Quinlin's
I thought the terrible two's would be worse, but he is just the sweetest, funniest little guy. I love to see his personality shine through- and see the joy of life in his eyes!

No other news to report. So glad it's Friday! I have a weekend of just me and the kiddos while Sean goes ice fishing again... will the ice ever melt? The other day on my way in, I captured this

yes- it's cold. At this rate, I will be an ice fishing widow until May. But- I can then catch up on my dvr, I hope during naptime. Not much in my tv world this week.
  • The Bachelor- I was sad to see the nanny Ashley get sent home. I liked her. Michelle is still crazy as ever- and now that I know the story between her and Carlos Boozer, I look at her completely differently. Homewrecker. The girls all crying is getting old- and I see no chemistry at all with Emily. They are just really trying to make us all fall in love with her so she can be the next bachelorette.
  • Tosh.0- what rock have I been living under that I haven't seen this show before. Hilarious! (though- mom and dad- totally inappropriate humor that you wouldnt like). Totally inappropriate. Hunter walked in and I paused the show and he said "Oh- you're watching Tosh?" Yikes- I know he's been watching if he knew exactly what it was.
  • 90210- not sure why I still watch but totally sucked in. The new girl on there, Emily, reminds me of a young version of Jennie Garth. The story line though seems like a story line from the original 90210 days. The story with the psycho girl who wanted to be Kelly...
  • Grey's Anatomy- was a good episode. I felt so bad at the end when Mark told Lexie that Callie was having his child. :(
  • Oprah's search for the next TV star- yep, I'm hooked on the new OWN network. I like this "reality" show a lot and also the Oprah Behind the Scenes. Very interesting to see how a show comes together.
That's it for me. Happy Super Bowl weekend- Go Pack Go!!!

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