Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Owen- Look what we can do

Another eventful thing happened to us this weekend...

The day finally came. We have been hoping that it wouldnt get here and we could keep him contained for as long as possible. But- he did it. I was watching the football game on Sunday and Owen would not nap... he kept calling for me, kept throwing things out of his bed, kept spitting- all the things to get my attention so he could keep playing. I left him in there for about an hour and a half hoping that he would finally go to sleep. I was watching the game and Hunter was on the computer and we both heard a drawer close and then Owen say "mommy?". We looked at each other and both went to the hallway. There was Owen standing with a shirt. I couldn't believe it.

So- we had to start converting the crib.

Sean looks thrilled doesn't he?

Owen loved helping...
 Quinlin thought she was helping too. She just sat there and looked cute.
 Then she saw Winnie the Pooh and tried to eat him.
 Owen did not know what to make of his new bed..
 We tried to put the bumpers on it still, but he wanted nothing to do with it.
 Our finished product...

After running up and down the hall for about 30 minutes, our finished product turned into this:
We'll see how this "transition" and experiment goes...Updates to follow.

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