Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Recap/ Menu Planning Monday

We had a very low-key weekend. Friday, I picked the babies up from school and went home and picked up Sean, Hunter and his friend Michael and we decided to go o McDonald's for dinner (so much for my menu last week). I hadn't set anything out to cook and with Hunter's buddy over, we thought it would be fun. So we drove up there so Owen could experience the McDonalds playland. Do you think he liked it?

He loved every second of it! So did Hunter (though he's probably too cool to admit it). Quinlin too- you could just imagine her little legs kicking with delight. I know she wanted to get out and play- but no way! We came home and instantly threw them into the tub to try and disinfect them!

Saturday was a crazy morning. Our contractor came over at 8:30am. Sean's parents (yes- both as his dad was released from the hospital on Friday) came over about 9:00am and our photographer, Colleen, came over at 11:30am. Sean's folks didnt stay long- maybe an hour- and as soon as they left, I kept trying to get Owen in camera mode. We practiced saying cheese, wearing a santa hat. I bribed him with candy so he would wear his sweater (good stuff- I should add bribing to my Mom of the Year post). All in all, the pictures, I hope, turned out great- and no- we weren't naked as I once feared because I couldn't find outfits. I kept it simple- we didn't need to color coordinate- just look nice. So- that's what we did. My parents came over during the end of the photo shoot to pick up Hunter for the weekend. They took him to Billy Elliot (play) and then to the new Harry Potter movie. Sean ended up making two trips to Home Depot and I think, one trip to Lowe's for materials that the contractor needed. He became very stressed about the whole thing- the money the bar was costing, the time it was taking, having to bring Owen with him... so we stayed in the remainder of the day.

Sunday morning we went to my parent's house for brunch and to deliver our queen mattress that used to be in our guest room. Three kids in a four bedroom house eliminated our guest room and we had hopes of building a guest room in the basement so saved the mattress. Well- that theory didn't work as the box spring wouldn't make it down the stairs and into the tight turn to the room that would have become a bedroom. So- off to my parents house it went. We left there and rushed home to watch the football game (not sure why we were rushing since we had dvr'd it and could listen on the radio). The game was frustrating... and my fantasy team faired no better. so- losing day all around.

So- nothing crazy and exciting... you know you're getting old when you no longer have the fun, crazy stories from a weekend and are in bed by 9:30.

On to the week. With a short week, I haven't put too much thought into our menu. Our menu planning monday, inspired by Org Junkie:
Sunday- baked chicken breasts with broccoli
Monday- Vidalia Onion Roast hoagie sandwiches with horseradish and a side of cauliflower
Tuesday- bbq chicken and roasted potatoes
Wednesday- tacos
Thursday- Thanksgiving! We're having fried turkey, sweet potatoes and stuffing (thanks mom), mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, dinner rolls and Hunter is making a strawberry cream pie courtesy of what he learned in home ec class.
Friday- leftovers
Saturday- burgers and hot dogs

Hopefully I will do a little better sticking to this menu than last week!

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  1. I am so glad you had a nice weekend Shannon!! It sounds like you did so much!!! I love Quinny's legs kicking in the McD's high chair, her excitement is adorable!!!!