Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tell All Tuesday

  • Owen is sick...again. The poor kid cannot catch a break. Can catch colds, but not a break. Luckily my parents are over watching him for the day. Too bad I didn't live a bit closer to them. I feel bad that they have to drive 45 minutes to help us out of jams.
  • Then the question becomes, if Owen can't go to school tomorrow, is it wrong to ask Hunter to watch him for the day? He's home from school anyway for Thanksgiving break and it would maybe only be for 5 hours or so because Sean would get home early... hmmm.
  • I got the proofs back of our holiday photos. I love them- no clue how I am going to decide!
  • We started shopping for the holidays for Hunter. I'm so excited for him to open some of his gifts! I even managed to buy myself a few sweaters. I was so excited to get a 40% off coupon code for Gap and Old Navy. Total Score!
  • I feel bad that I do not plan on buying much for Quinlin. She'll be spoiled by her grandparents and aunts and uncle so I feel like she's too young anyway to really understand.
  • I am afraid of puke. When Owen gets sick, I instantly think he's going to throw up and leave the parenting to Sean. I feel like a horrible mom that I am not as comforting... though- when I know he isn't going to throw up- I am the most comforting person for him.


  1. aww - feel better, owen!
    and i hear ya on quinlin being young enough that you don't need to get her anything. we're going to wrap up an outfit or two that people gave us for cooper just so ashlyn can see that he got something from santa, but that's it. like you said - there are plenty of relatives to spoil them. save your money for when she'll understand :)

  2. Awww, reading you mention holiday photo proofs reminds me that I still need to get our pictures taken! Ugh! Good luck choosing just the perfect one!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I definitely think that it is okay to ask Hunter to watch Owen. Take advantage of having an 8th grader at home, lol.

    And I hate puke too. I puke when I see puke. i am screwed as a mom, lol.