Friday, November 12, 2010

The Crib Transition- Days 4 and 5

Well... not even back to square one. We put him back to bed on Wednesday night and he didnt want to go in his crib. He pointed to the floor where we still had a comforter and pillow and wanted to sleep down there. So- Sean tucked him in nicely and he didnt budge... we scooped him up again about 9:45 and put him in the crib. We're thinking now that maybe we'll skip the toddler bed and go straight to the full size... we just haven't bought a full size mattress yet. So- then the other question comes to play of what do we do in the meantime? do we continue to let him fall asleep on the floor? Do we move the extra queen mattress that we have in our house to his room and let him start sleeping on that? and- if we do that- will he be able to go from a queen to a full eventually? Yikes! I did not have a hard time like this when Hunter transitioned to a bed...

Thursday night was the same... after running up and down the hall for a bit, he finally got settled to go to sleep... on the floor. So- I let him fall asleep and again put him back in his bed about 10:00pm (at 9:30 he was still awake, but on the floor).

we'll see how this weekend goes- I'm wondering about naptimes the most!

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