Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The crib transition

So- the first night, as posted before, did not go well. Owen was constantly up and down the hallway and did not want to go to bed. This is my good sleeper- the one who loves bedtime- the one who when little would wave to you basically saying "i'm done- get me to sleep" and we would carry him off to bed. This is my good sleeper who now I would say, "Ok- Owen. 5 more minutes and then time to say night night." 5 minutes would pass and off to bed he went. Sound machine on- lights out- it had always worked like a charm.

So- Sunday night was the first night- ending in the crib being backward to the wall.

Monday night, we thought we would try this again. So- we did the whole 5 minutes to bedtime routine and brought Owen to bed. Bed, switched back to normal, but still with the front removed. Owen ran around down the hallway a few times and we finally got him settled in bed. He cried and would lay there (realizing he could get out if he wanted to) but would just cry and cry. Sean and I took turns getting him settled, talking to him, rubbing his back. Poor little thing was so tired too. I came to the realization that he was "scared" of his bed. This was his comfort zone and to not have the front on it was really throwing him off. I dont think he is ready to move yet to his big boy bed. So- we ended the night back to square one... with the bed turned and facing the wall. Owen went in it and fell asleep within minutes.

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