Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween (Picture Heavy)

We had such a great time this year for Halloween! It started for us on Saturday night as we had a party to go to. Costume ideas were hard to decide this year. We didn't want to spend a lot of money, but wanted to have a decent costume too. We went through our costume bin and Sean found his costume
then he found what should be my costume...

I didnt really want to be a mini Darth (scary that I actually fit into one of Hunter's old costumes). I had planned to go with Jennifer and Kelli as Chilean Miners. So- for the first time since Sean and I have been a couple, we were not a couple costume.

Before the party- we posed for a group shot. Darth, Jennifer, me, Owen and Kelli.

At the party- complete with shovel and birds on our shoulders.... I didnt realize then that Kelli and Jennifer didnt turn their headlamps on...I wonder if I blinded people with my light? We had a great time. Jennifer, Kelli and I tied for 3rd place. 2nd place were Chilean Minors- they wore head lamps and had a chili on their shirts with the number 17 on them since they were minors (haha- underage). 1st place was Dick in a Box... the Sat Night Live Skit with the boxes around the waist. What made the costumes funny was that in the box was a picture of LeBron... classic! We also played LCR twice and Sean won both games... money tree of winnings below:

On actual Halloween, we had such a nice day. I made Tara's chili recipe and added a beer to it- an IPA but I dont remember what we used, just to give it some extra flavor. It was fabulous. Sean's siblings came over with my niece, so that was fun. Hunter left us about 5pm to go trick or treating with his buddy. Quick pic of costume:

and then we tried to pose the babies for pictures...

This was going to have to do- a 26 month old, a 16 month old and a 9 1/2 month old dont do well for group shots. Off we went:

Owen was in heaven staring at all the suckers...

Of course...Sean had to dig out his costume and walk around... "Hung Like a Horse".

Happy Halloween!

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  1. LOL! Your baby pictures look alot like mine. Jillian is just impossible to take a picture of lately. She is constantly on the move! I am dying at Sean's costumer, that is way too funny!!! It looks like you had a such a fun Halloween!