Thursday, November 4, 2010

TV Talk

I didn't really enjoy 16 and Pregnant this week... I found myself feeling really sorry for the girl. I found the show to be more "staged" and "forced" conversations for the camera. I found the guy to be immature and irresponsible. Very disappointing. Instead of finding it to be good tv this week, I found it to be more of a true look into a poor girl falling for a stupid guy and being left to raise the baby alone. Thank goodness for her parents.

What else have I been watching?
Desperate Housewives- I am still watching after all these years. Sean thinks its stupid, but it is a show I can't miss
Glee- was disappointed it was a re-run this week. Looking forward to next week and the Bon Jovi song! (I love Bon Jovi)
Grey's Anatomy- I thought last week's episode was really good. The documentary crew following the doctors around for a tv show. I thought it really tied everything together nicely from the shooting at the hospital to where they are today.
America's Next Top Model- I'm an episode behind but am liking this season. Not sure who I like the most. Jane maybe? and the blonde with the gap in her teeth- I like her. The tall girl is so awkward, but does take great photos.
The Challenge- always entertaining- both the actual challenges and the social aspect
The Simpsons- Owen is obsessed so this is on in our house all the time. I remember liking it when  I was in 7th grade (I think) and can't believe it's still on tv now. Great humor...he doesn't get it but loves it.
Dancing with the Stars- I liked Audrina... disappointed she is gone. This is #2 go-to show for Owen if he cant watch Simpsons, he asks to watch Dancing. I think Jennifer Grey is my favorite out of all who are left. Why is Bristol still in?
Modern Family- we love this show. It's nice because we watch as a family together every Wednesday night. Cam is by far, my favorite.
Survivor- we're an episode behind- but this is another one that we all watch together. I was disappointed that Jerry Jones got voted out so early in the season. I'm sure CBS was disappointed too.
Life Unexpected- I have like 6 of these shows DVR'd. I really like it but need a "me" day so I can catch up.
Oprah- I dvr this one for the few and far between good episodes. I would have thought being her last season, the episodes would be stronger. I watched Portia De Rossi's episode this week. Very touching as she talked about being a lesbian and having eating disorders... I felt bad when she brought up being a lesbian to her mother and the right things to say and the wrong things to say. Of course, you always want what is best for your children to have the happiest life possible, but I wouldn't turn my back or make my children feel less worthy, if they chose to have a different lifestyle.

I think those are my go-to shows at the moment... I really only get to watch one show a night but I cherish that time.

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