Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mom of the Year

Inspired by an email conversation with my friend Karen this morning, I decided to do a mom of the year post- some of the things that I have done lately to inspire winning this award!
  • Mom of the year- At my work, we get served breakfast, lunch and dinner if we work late enough. Yesterday, in addition to what they were serving for lunch, they had a soft pretzel, pb&j sandwiches and rice krispie treats. They also had cake to celebrate the November birthdays. I grabbed everything- everything with the intention of bringing it to Owen and Quinlin's doctors appointments to help calm them down after their flu shots. Well- I didnt really like what I had grabbed for lunch (the shrimp was good but the flank steak had a spice to it) so I ate the sandwich. I then got hungry in the afternoon and ate the cake. I was still a good mom- I had the krispie treat- until about 3pm when I ate that too. So- no treats for Owen.
  • Mom of the year- we're planning for our family pictures on Saturday. I have been so consumed with what the babies were going to wear, what I was going to wear, I didnt give any thought to what Hunter was going to wear. The kid is growing like a weed too- I can't imagine any of his nice sweaters will fit him that he wore last year. How did I forget Hunter? And- I better try on Quinlin's dress- or her outfit goes out the window too.
  • Mom of the year- Quinlin still doesn't own a single pair of shoes.
  • Mom of the year- Are you wondering how the crib transition has been going? Owen prefers to sleep on the floor. So- we tuck him in on his makeshift bed- aka folded comforter on the floor- and that's where he goes to sleep. Even if we put him in his crib, he crawls out and sleeps on the floor.
  • Mom of the year- on weekends, I count down the hours until naptime.


  1. You are hilarious, I must be Mom of the year too because I can relate to all of it!